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Does anyone work as an Activity Director in a Retirement community? I have recently applied for a position at a facility that is a retirement community and was unaware of their existence. They have meals cooked for them and transportation to doctors appointments and grocery stores, and activities planned that they can come to daily...but other then that live on their own in apartments.




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I work at a large CCRC, we have independent living in condos and apartments. An assisted living center, a dedicated Alzheimers unit and our SNF. I oversee the activity programming/staff, etc. for the entire campus. Any info. I can share let me know.

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I used to be the AD at an Independant Living (very independant)/ Retirement community. I LOVED it. I really miss how they are able to do more outside activities than my group. We had a lot of fun going to museums, tours, shopping, dinning out, concerts, we even went to a Jazz Club and I was the designated driver. we did not offer rides to appointments, but we would help them find the resources they needed for that. We did a grocery store shuttle every friday and went to Walmart and Target regularly for their supplies. We had a few trips planned but I took another position before we went.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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I currently work for a retirement community in Houston. It is such a wonderful job because it is all the fun stuff-- taking trips to wonderful places, having lots of parties, dances, classes, etc. I have over 100 volunteers who are residents-- they do their own programs and classes-- I just schedule them and make sure the rooms are available. I teach computer classes, overlook volunteer duties, help with the Residents' Council and do the newsletter. My budget is with the Residents Council-- they tell me what I can spend on decorations and they have to approve everything before I buy. They decide on the entertainers and how much to pay-- I just call and set up time and be the hostess. Being in Independent Living is such a joy most of the time. The main problem I am having now is participation. Since no one is forced to come to activities, sometimes, we have no one that shows up, and others we have 300 too many! Lots of sign up sheets. Another thing that is great is that I have no documentation-- no one on ones, no nurses, no room visits, no state regs and I am not even certified! No one checks on me, except my administrator-- which is great. Hope your job is just as good and you can email me with any questions you have.

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