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Veteran's Day Celebration


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What are you guys doing to celebrate Veteran's Day in your facilities? Time is short and I need ideas quickly! Last year I set up the MIA/POW table and read the poem explaining the significance of all items placed on the table. I then showed items I brought in that my husband had sent me from Saudi Arabia while he was there during the Gulf War. After residents looked at those, I presented the Veteran's with a certificate of appreciation for serving our country and then served refreshments. Any ideas on what I can do this year? HELP!

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Guest Tinki

This was taken from Members.ActivityDirector.com - hope it helps


Veteran’s Day Celebration


Theme: Red, White and Blue and the American Flag


Party Description: Celebrated Veteran’s Day with a party to honor those who served in the military. Ask all participants to dress in red, white and blue and purchase boutonnieres for the veterans to wear. Set up a table, displaying photos of all the residents who served in the military.


Food: Serve food with a flag theme or red, white and blue.

Finger sandwiches – with red and blue toothpicks or flag toothpicks.

Fruit Salad – Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and marshmallows

Punch – Serve Diet Sprite in a punch bowl, make blue and red ice cubes to put into the punch bowl.


Decorations: Use red, white and blue or flag, balloons, streamers, napkins and plates. Try to locate a military uniform to display.


Music: Play God Bless America, Star Spangled Banner, Themes songs for each branch of the military.



Foam Flag Pins – Make American Flag out of foam for the residents to wear prior to the party.

Military Trivia, Jokes or give a brief presentation of the various branches of the military.

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In my facility I invited our County Mayor to come and participate in a flag raising ceremony and give a short appreciation speech to our veterans. Then we have the singing of the National Anthem, prayer, refreshments and gifts for our veterans presented by their family members.Everyone seems to enjoy this. Hope this helps! :-)

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The local high school brings their ROTC students over and we have a ceremony, 21 gun salute and certificates. Everyone enjoys this and the students are always amazed to meet WWII Vets.

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Hi I'm from Canada and we are commemorating Remembrance Day this Friday as well. While certain traditions may vary our aim with paying tribute to veterans through the war years is of course the same!


We are having a service at 11:00 a.m. directed by a veteran with a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, a beaver leader is coming during the ceremony as well to present crests that her troop made to give to veterans.


In the afternoon I have a booked a veteran who plays the bagpipes to play. Another nice touch you can offer the residents to include everyone is make an announcement that you are creating of list of names of to read out during the service of their loved ones. It's a personal choice of course and while most residents here provide me w names of people in the First World War and on, some decline because it is too hard for them to hear. Last year I did this and I was bombarded by a crowd of seniors who all wanted me to say the name of their loved one. It was so special for me to be a part of that.


Oh also as an activity you could buy some inexpensive supplies to make a commemorative wreath with the name of your facility across the wreath on a banner and have it out on display for the day!

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