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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone!! Or, As the Irish in Ireland say "Dia Dhuit! (May God Be With You!) Well I trust you all had a lovely weekend, what with Valentine's Day and Presidents Day.. !! Chocolates, flowers, dinner out.... clothes, furniture, sales, it's all good! Time spent with loved ones or shopping.. it's the American way! So, the clock is ticking! This past Sunday makes it one month away from our Big Irish Extravaganza! and yes, I finally got my green outfit! Not an easy feat.. green is not exactly the most popular color I find.. and i have been searching for weeks!! It helps me to get in the mood and excited for putting on our shows... So I'm excited now!! Are you getting excited yet? To wear your green, to laugh, to sing, to celebrate a Holiday that brings the spirit of a country and a culture to life?.. I am! There are many reasons to associate green with Ireland and by extension with its Saint Patricks Day games and traditions. Green is one of the colors in Ireland's tri-color flag. It is also the color most typically associated with the classic Irish symbol, the shamrock, and of course Ireland herself is frequently referred to by her nickname, the "Emerald Isle." And did you know that Ireland is the home of the Limerick. It's said that Limericks were invented in the 18th century by an Irish brigade when they were returning from France. They sang a song with a chorus about Limerick, an Irish port city. Impromptu verses were added. Each verse was about adventures of people from other Irish towns. The verses had to be invented on the spur of the moment, each line by a different singer. After each verse the whole group sang the chorus, "will you come back to Limerick?".. so began Limericks! Who knew!!?? Here's two for you when you're having a cocktail to remember! .. An Irishman name of Pat Sweeney, In Nice drank a quart of Martini. The local gendarme, Wired his wife in alarm, "Nous regrettons Pat Sweeney est fini." . Some merry old monks of Manulla, Found life was becoming much dulla. So they brewed a fine ale, in a massive big pail, And they and their lives were much fulla. Nevertheless,.. ticket sales are percolating so get yours now while they're hot! And remember, we're not just comedy, we've got our Irish dancers, musicians, and we love celebrating birthdays so come celebrate your lives with us! And that's no blarney! Hope I've made you laugh and think this week! Have yourself a grand one! Always, or Mise Le Meas! (Sincerely in Gaelic) I Live to Laugh! Bonnie Barchichat Executive Producer Senior Comedy Afternoons.com GO HERE FOR TICKETS! 714-914.2565 Or CALL! P.S. Please share this email with friends who can use some more fun, laughter and sociability in their life. P.P.S. Sponsors.. If you're Senior Friendly and want to meet our Audience here's your opportunity! Drop me a line and say "tell me more!" www.Here's the Proud Bird! Don't forget to email me what you'd like to have for lunch! All orders must be in by March 9th! ©2020 Senior Comedy Afternoons LLC. | 2313 Nelson Avenue, Redondo Beach, Ca. 90278
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