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  1. I started doing weekly socials, we started with Root Beer Floats...and I can't stop doing them...they LOVE them. I continued with a try a pie social, where we sampeled different kinds of seasonal pies, ice cream sundaes, lemon social, a let them eat cake social, popcorn/home made cotton candy social, anything besides cookies and punch. They seem to like it, and i get a lot of residents to participate. I also try to play up ANY holiday. I worked at a facility where i came up with a price is right game, including a home made plinko board, a hole in one or two, trivia, I made sure to be rod rodney and just get into it...it was a blast. The Wii is always fun, however I find that my residents will be more apt to do this if I put it away every once and a while and then bring it back out after a month or so...it seems all new to them. I like to do trivia scavenger hunts, where the residents have to asnwer different trivia questions placed in different parts of the building, this also helps with new residents to give them a little more fun tour of the building
  2. In terms of trips, i find that my residents LOVE to go on factory tours. We have gone to Hershey Pennsylvania on the Chocolate Tour, the Herr's Potato Chip Factory, the Utz Potato Chip Factory, I am currently trying to plan a trip to the White House. I understand that location may be difficult, but I find that with residents even if they suffer from mild dementia appreciate learning something new, and these trips do have a lasting effect on the memory. Just keep in mind only take residents that you feel comfotable taking, and also try to have as much help as you feel is needed. We do not have a lot of volunteers so I typically have to take residents by myself, I just try to keep the group manageable. I always call ahead to explain who I am and who I am bringing, facilities are usually VERY helpful if you just explain things to them. I also try to plan these trips in the summer/spring/fall time therefor its a little warmer, and you dont' have to deal with the weather. I also have a great transportation department which helps, at least there is another set of eyes. Oh- you can usually find tours that are free...which is great for budget!!
  3. We use a program called Touchtown, I can get you the contact information if you would like, it is GREAT!! I have a lot of repeating events...such as exercise and weekly lectures so when i type them into the touchtown system they are automatically repeated on every calendar from month to month...it makes doing a calendar soooooooooooooo much easier. The system itself could be costly...i am not sure, but if you are interested in at least taking a look at it i can get you the information. We use the system to advertise via the residents televisions, it helps with the calendars, and they are working on a newsletter format, which we are looking into getting. Their support staff is great, and will assist with any problems I have quickly. If you want you can go to www.touchtown.us and take a look at the website.
  4. I have someone similar, she initially did not want to come to my memory enhancement program, however I utilized a few of the residents in particular one who she got along with and asked him to show her around the building and pick her up on his way to the program. This helped him, it gives him something to remember to do, and it helped her feel included. They dont' miss a day.
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