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  1. I also have one of these residents, she did not want to be in the facility, constantly talking about getting out, so on so forth. I asked her one day if she could help me clean out one of my book cases. She aggreed and soon became the "Librarian" she takes care of book orders, "renting" the books from the shelves as well as movies and books on tape. She soon started asking what else she could do (She was also not very social when she arrived) I said we have to go to some of the residents rooms and do one on ones with them. I asked if she wanted to join me and she said ok but did not want to participate of course. The next day I said I was running late and I had to do one of the those one on ones on a resident that was in the lounge, I asked if she could help me and play cards with the woman for awhile for me. I really did not have to do a one on one with the woman, she just loves to play cards. I gave her the "form" to fill out and she was off to play cards. After that she does "Game Play" with a resident every day. I believe that many of the men and women that are entering the facility now are use to working and if they do not believe they should be in the facility, giving them "work" makes them feel like they are making a difference.
  2. When I first started at my facility there was only one volunteer, now there are ten individuals and five groups and this is not to mention children that come in with their Catholic Education Classes or Boy/Girl Scout Groups. I reached out to everyone when I got hired; religious groups, high schools, posted volunteer signs in adult communities, and contacted facilities around mine for any information they could share. Finally people started calling and I would get right back to them and make appointments and make sure they had all of the paperwork and information they needed in order to start. After they came or donated I would sit down with the residents and they would make pictures or other art projects for the volunteers and I would send them to them. Many of the volunteers see now how much it meant to the residents and they continue. My advice to you is to thank you the volunteers with pictures, words, cards, everything, and anything. Also I send the volunteers monthly a calendar of events to keep them informed.
  3. We have a "Food Committee" for our residents once a month but it is mostly just complaining about the food. I think I might use your presentation and cooking show to give the kitchen staff and residents a better realtionship. That was a great idea, thank you.
  4. I work in a facility with middle aged men and women, most are in the facility for rehab but their stay has lasted longer then they expected. Many come to Coffee Socials and Entertainment but that is all. They like doing word searches and other puzzles but will not play board games. I need some creative ideas for younger men and women that do not want to play BINGO .
  5. If you have Microsoft Publisher, there are templates on there. I use one of them for my monthly calendars that the residents use.
  6. I have brought my residents to the aquarium, zoo, and parks. They enjoy seeing the animals, flowers, colors, and just being out. I have also gone on picnics and those residents that enjoy art painted pictures of the outdoors.
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