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  1. Hey Henrietta, I am from East Texas, please email me where are you from, what facility, I would love to keep contact with you through email. I am from Grand Saline (close to Canton) I work in Athens. Talk to you soon. Brandy Chandler brandyad@aol.com
  2. There is an Activity Director position in Van TX which is about 20 from Canton TX. Currently is 35 hours, but will be 40 when census increases. We currently have 29 residents. Brandy
  3. Hi I am Vice President of the East Texas Chapter of Activity Professionals. We are going to have a seminar in our area in the next few months. I would like to contact Pamela Sanders to come speak at our seminar. Would you please email me her contact info. Thank you, brandy brandyad@aol.com
  4. Has this thread been helpful to anyone, is anyone else using this "I" Careplan? Brandy
  5. http://jeny.ipro.org/showthread.php?t=258 If you go down the page a little you will see an attachment which is a powerpoint presentation. Any problems just let me know or I can email you the presentation. Brandy
  6. Who has heard of the "I" careplans? They are careplans wriiten in the first person. We are currently using them in our facility. There are web sites that talk on the subject and powerpoint presentations. Just when you get careplans down pat, they change them AAAAHHHHHH! Brandy
  7. How do you do it? Do the alzheimer's make stories about the pictures? Brandy
  8. What is timslips, and how does it work? Brandy
  9. How would you do in-room bingo and do any of you have the Red Hat society in your facility? How did you get that started? Thank you for any help that you can give me. Brandy
  10. What do you all have planned for veterans day? Brandy
  11. How much pay is sufficient for assistant activity director? I know everywhere is different, but I would like a guestimate. Brandy
  12. Are you required by the state to be certified? Where are you in Texas?
  13. Hi, this may be a weird question, but I got certified back in 96' stopped working in 97'. Is my certification still good? I live in Texas, and I really don't know how this works. Thank you for any information you can give me. Brandy
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