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  1. I currently have 5 residents (4 women and 1 man) that volunteer doing crafts for one of the chapters of hospice. They do sign a contract informing them that those crafts they do go to hospice patients around town.I't gives them a sense of satisfaction knowing what they do is for a good cause.
  2. rose

    1:1 Time

    Regulations call for 1:1 to be done 3 times a week for 15 minutes each time.
  3. I know the feeling , I sometimes feel i don't get proper credit from my peers. A physical therapist once mentioned to me that it was more important for the resident to attend therapy with him than play bingo with me. I mentioned it was just as important for the resident to get therapy for her mind.He felt foolish once I put it that way.
  4. I know the feeling, I sometimes feel I don't get proper credit from my fellow peers. I once had a physical therapist mention that it was more important for one of the residents to go to his therapy than do activities with me,I mentioned to him that it was just as important to give the resident therapy for his mind.I think that PT felt foolish making that comment once I put it that way.No matter what it doesn't deter me from doing my job.
  5. Hello my name is Rosie Torres, I've been working for a long term care facility for 2 years,activity director for 1 year out of those 2 years. There's a memory loss unit in that facility,19 in memory care and 72 in assisted living. I really enjoy working with the residents, at times it can be very stressful, but for the most part it is rewarding.The name of my community is Cambria and is located in El Paso,Texas.
  6. Hello Andrea,I am not sure if this is the information you were looking for but here are some ideas for activities that I use in my program. I alternate each week between having an ice cream social (sugar-free),something that they usually don't get treated with;banana splits, rootbeer floats, or some sort of novelity ice cream.Also a tea social; flavored tea that is not offered in the dining room with some fancy tea cookies. We have at least one outing a week;the local zoo, out for lunch at a restaraunt, or go to a museum and pack some lunch sacks for those that don't have extra money for lunch outings.
  7. I definately do not think that would be a good idea. I am planning to take the male residents on a fishing outing to commerate Father's Day. How about a baseball game, besides having the local team, you should inform yourself about softball teams that play through the local parks. We have a female team called Senior Moments, ladies over 55 years, my male/female residents enjoy watching them play.
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