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  1. Good day, Gary My name is Nicole- I am a life enrichment director in a tampa home. We have many resident guests at different levels of Alzheminars. We provide over 18 programs a day for 2 different types of levels. Our home programs gears toward simple household task for men/women-simple that is a 1-step task and is successful at thier levels. Laundry duty, shoe shining, ball room movements-dance in motion, physical task-gardening, fishing, sweeping, setting tables, bird care, and provide alot of cooking task for snacks, making sandwiches, the best on yet that works well is arm cycling with travel movies/good old lawrence welks tapes- 30 minutes-all levels respond greatly to constant arm motion and sing to old songs. The biggest challenge is the short attention span 0-5 minutes and providing equipment at all times. I will be visiting your website-we are always looking for new ways, due to my child is heading to become a teenager, I used alot of program ideas/interaction skills by seeing things through my child. Gary- please look at your father and others at each stage-on what they can do at this time, not what they no longer can do. Try to reflect on his memories of what he was, to assist you in finding things to do.
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