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  1. yes resident volunteers fill out a resident volunteer application, yes residents are provided orientation. also a doctors order must be available in the medical record for the resident volunteer to perform job duties . Some of the residents fold clothes in the laundry department. some operate our tiny store, others will put papers to be shredded into the shredder bin. stuff envelopes. apply return labels to envelopes. residents need to fill out volunteer application and agreement signiture to verify that resident understands that the following is on a volunteer basis and not a paid job.
  2. we have a policy that states that youth volunteers must have a responsible adult with them. responsible adult is 18 or older. Also all volunteers must remain in a supervised area. If a volunteer would like to work with someone one to one in the residents room they must first pass a drug and alcohol screen and a background check attend new employee orientation. It's a process for a volunteer to qualify for in room one to one activities. Most of all once this process is explained to volunteers it eliminates people that are not serious or trying to work off court assigned community service.We do not accept court appointed community service hours in the building if the charge is alcohol or drug related.
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