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  1. Check out this link. Sue MEPAP030309 http://www.activitybasket.com/item.asp?inv...=&subcatky1=
  2. We went to Walmart and bought a bunch of wash clothes for residents to fold. Be sure to write activities on them so laundry will return them to you. We also have small easy block puzzles that they enjoy. Sue MEPAP030309
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    Hi, I am planning to start a birthday sub-committee and am wondering if anyone can share what they do for resident birthdays. Thanks Sue MEPAP030309
  4. Question: Do your aids assist residents to activities? This has been a problem in our facility ever since I began as an Activity Assistant 9 years ago. It seems to be worse during the weekend which is tougher for us because we are usually alone on Saturdays. Everyone that I have ever talked to about this agrees that it is everyones responsibility to transport residents. One of our prior Administrators even told the Aides that it was their responsibility to get each of their residents to the lunch room which doesn't happen often. I had considered giving the Aides a raffle ticket or something each time they brought a resident but that never materialized. I think it is a good idea. I'm not sure if it is a requirement that Aides need to transport but you think it would be for the good of the residents. I will inquire about that. Sue
  5. Hi, Topic: How often do you play Bingo? We play Bingo once a week every other week and twice a week every other week. We now give change for prizes but we used to give "lucky loot" (kind of like monopoly money) and we had a very small store that the residents could spend their "lucky loot" at. The problem we faced was having the time to open the store. In the end we lost the space for the store since they needed more storage area. The residents seem to enjoy getting coins but we really don't have a way for them to spend unless we go out somewhere and only a few are able to get out. I like the idea of the auction but I do see how that only gets to so many residents. Maybe you could encourage other residents to join the auction by giving everyone a raffle ticket and raffling a few small things. This way everone has a chance to get something. I'm glad for your question, it got me thinking how to better our system. Sue Rahn
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