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  1. Hi everyone, I have a resident that has cerebral palsey. As the disease progresses and the uncontrolled body jerks happen more often, she is going thru an angry stage,( i'm sure depression also), which is completely understandable. My problem is how do I keep her from giving up? She refuses to try to do anything for herself, including feed herself. She says she's bored but doesn't want to do anything we suggest. I just don't know what to do? Any ideas?
  2. I wish I was in Georgia, we're suppose to be getting a snow storm here in Kansas tomorrow. 4 to 6 inches, YUK!!! I'm ready for spring!!! They do have activities for the assisted living residents but they don't for the nursing care residents. Oh sure they'll plunk them down with some crayons & coloring book or a magazine that they can't see to read but thats about all. We just had our yearly survey and I swear I don't know how the facility gets by without getting dinged for no activities...unless there is alot of doctored reports. I know our AD & assistant attend careplan meetings & I know some of the reports their suppose to be filling out but I never see them doing it. It just seems like even the State surveyers didn't care either. I guess I'll just keep on picking up their slack.
  3. I understand the demands that are put on you. When I say our AD and her assistant are not doing anything I mean it. They are hardly ever there. The AD is disabled and uses a walker and sits at her desk sorting candy into different bowls then complaines how hard it is and the assistant is more involved with her personal projects than her job. Any time there is an activity going on the aides have organized it. And yes we run into the age old battle of nursing procedures and activities butting heads. As soon as lunch is over the procedure is to potty and lay everyone down. This is "repositioning" to prevent skin issues. If anything is done differently the charge nurses freak!! They don't handle change very well at all....Most of our residents sit and sleep in their wheelchairs except for when we're potting them. Unfortunately most of our residents are in the advanced stages of AD and other debilitating diseases so its a challange for us. But we care so much we keep on trying to do whatever we can.
  4. HI....my name is janice and I am a cna at a small facility. We have a AD/SS director with 1 helper. Problem is neither one do much of anything. The activities they have seem to be aimed more for the assisited living people while the bulk of our residented are forgotten about. There really are no activities for the nursing residents. I have my AD/SS certification and would LOVE to work in that dept. but the facility I work at does not seem to realize how important activities are to their residents. The state surveys don't seem to care about it either. If they did we'd get cited for "lack of" but we come through with no mention of any problem. This really puzzels me. Anyone have any ideas. I do what I can with and for the residents but as a cna I have my other duties to do so I don't have the time to spend with them. This really bothers me but I don't know how to fix it and I don't have the ability to ignore it like everybody else does there. Sorry about that rant.....maybe they just don't think they could do anything to make it better.
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