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    I became an AD the last of October, and the woman that I was replacing was to train me. There have been ongoing problems since my arrival because she continues to try and boss me around, tells me that the residents are angry at me because all the Christmas decorations are up (just an example), continues to work on the monthly schedule (in fact she has schedules already done through April), etc., etc., and etc. I finally said something to the ED, and he talked to her after she yelled at me in front of several residents. I feel that she is on a power trip, and I am sure that she feels that no one will ever do the job as well as her. Any suggestions as to where I go from here or how to deal with her? I have previously taught high school for thirty-five years; and even though I know the AD is a different situation, I do have my own ideas on things. But according to her, her way is still the only way. Also, in the retirement community that I work, there are about ninety residents; and about fifteen to twenty are totally independent. Most of the activities are geared to these independent residents with three and four trips per week. Other than Bingo and a few guests, there is little for the majority. Can anyone give me some ideas? Also, is it the norm for this many traveling activities to take place each week?
  2. I was hired as an Activities Director at a Retirement Center, and the director that I am replacing is "training me". She had already scheduled the activities through the month of March; and even though she is not my boss, she expects me to be at every single event that she has already scheduled. The events that I am referring to are the events that are held on week nights and weekends. For example, she has an activity planned for four people Saturday night; an event planned for ten people on Sunday; and next week, there are events on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. My questions are as follows: 1) Is this amount of night and weekend activities excessive? 2) Should I not be planning the activities rather her telling me what I should do? When I was hired, I was not informed of any night and weekend activity requirements. She informed me this afternoon that since I was hired to work with these people that they have to be my Number 1 priority and my family is no longer my Number 1 priority. I have thirty-five years experience teaching high school students; and even though high school students and seniors are not alike in many ways, I do have the knowledge and the willingness to work with seniors and learn new things. Any response, suggestions, or ideas are very welcome. Thank you...
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