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  1. Didn't make the deadline but, lets see what you do for this one: Spanish speaking only, male, smoker, refuses to eat facility 99% of the time except when family is there. Refuses activities except with a family member. In a wheel chair, in rehab/therapy-PT, OT, & ST. 485jeanie
  2. I told my residents about this and as soon as I get them going we will be contacting you! They thought this was neat. Thanks, 485jeanie
  3. The facility where I am has a high number of younger residents although our residents range in age from22-106. There is the large number of 'baby boomers' coming on board, and then wreck victims, etc. there for rehab because we have a contract with a very large hospital. So, times are changing in nursing homes and so are the numbers of people who already know how to use a computer. I have seen younger residents start college classes on computers while in rehab. If you go ahead with a computer area/room you are ahead of the inevitable. 485jeanie
  4. We have got our computer room cleaned out, working on getting the computer, & classes are about to start. Helpful hints or preventative measures are appreciated. Thanks, 485jeanie
  5. I have one job but, am looking for another 2nd job in the Bryan, Texas to Cameron or Franklin area. Has anyone heard anything about openings or weekend AD? Also, any unusual ideas. We are starting Origami & just completed some of the most brilliant butterflies for the bulletin board & mobiles. I like unusual ideas to keep the residents learning new things. EH
  6. I am told by corporate I will be doing this in a couple of months. I'll be watching.
  7. It usually isn't that hard to replace. I lost mine in a move but, fortunately found it. I had already started the process to replace it & it wasn't that bad. Contact the college where you took the course. Have your SS ready & other vital information. They should be able to help you. Be persistant. It can be done. 485 Jeanie in TEXAS
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