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  1. I have done a resident of the month. I put the photo, and if there is family I include them. I put a current photo and if family photos available add those to the board. Put a short biography about the resident. And it works well if you have some interesting tidbits about the residents. I have one that used to teach square dancing and actually danced at the Grand Ole Opry ! We also include thoughts the staff has about the resident, like the sweetest smile, best spirit, any positive attribute the staff can add.
  2. How about some arts and crafts kits ? There are beading kits and the like as well as large crocheting and knitting ( if you have the patience to teach someone). Also, writing cards is a one on one activity that helps you and the residents.
  3. Why not have a movie nights once a month. Have it start around six or seven. If you want, have light snacks near seven or eight. Another idea is an old fashion singing- We have several churches that love to come to sing, but prefer to do it in the evenings. we have even had one church youth group come in a do a puppet show and assist us with a full blown talent show. The residents love it. We tend to get more volunteers in the evenings as they are off work. Game night is another thought. Start later after evening meal.
  4. Bingo prizes- The Dollar Tree is an excellent place for inexpensive pries. But another idea is sending letters to all the local businesses requesting donations. We have received loads of stuff this way. Everything from gift certificates to local restaurants to prints to costume jewelry. We also have received stationary and picture frames. The possibilities are endless and it is good for the local businesses, PR, etc. Be sure to send a note of thanks to any that donate. We had a hotel give several Doreen bottles of shampoo and conditioner, shower caps, and lotion as well as a local Avon rep giving small bottles of lotions, shower gel, and things like that.
  5. . A year long celebration for star residents ! Each week of the year recognizes one of your residents. Have their photo on the bulletin board and tell a little about them ( get information from the resident or family). Show how each one is special - maybe interesting background, job in the past, or something unique about the person. Then have the staff tells something about the resident that makes them special. Each week, you have a star resident. If necessary, if your facility is larger, have a star on each hall. I took photos of each resident and made this my border for the board. Then each week one of the stars are moved to the center of the board along with the written paper about the resident. A few residents did not have much if any family, so the staff was important in filling in special things about the resident
  6. Shel Silverstein is very good for old and young and the book "The giving tree " was particularly good. The books are short and seem to have a specific point to them. Have you ever tried having some middle school kids come and read to your residents? The students in advanced classes do well. And it always adds something special when teens or children interact with older adults. Everyone wins !
  7. How about come to your senses ? But what was wrong with the five alive name ? Thought it hit the mark well
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