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  1. Good Evening All: This is my first time ever, so please bear with me!!! I have noticed that Men's Activities and other things involving male residents seem to be an issue. Being a man and working in an Activity Department at a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center definitely gives me a "one up"; however, I want to share some important things we all should remember - male or female: 1). Remember what the resident enjoys. Most men like to talk and eat. There really is no difference with a long term care setting. I am responsible for all the Men's Activities at my facility and all men's activities have a time for talk and a time for eating. Trust me - it works! 2). Men enjoy sharing their expertise about subjects and hobbies of interest. Work with your grounds/maintenance department...simple tasks that residents can enjoy doing works wonders for the male ego. Remember safety and simplicity! 3). Men, not exclusively, enjoy learning and talking about history and historical happenings & events. We have a "Highlights In History" session as part of our activity calendar. Who do you think comes to this activity - fourteen (14) men! They love reminiscing about history and how it relates to today! I hope I've helped and shared some useful things for all. Respectfully, tonyv
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