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    We recently got one online thru target.com. It cost $450 but came with 3 games and an extra controller. I have had a hard time finding one in stores, been looking since november. All that work and cost to get one, and my residents are shy of using it. I think its the whole "technology" thing; they say they would rather watch us (staff) play than do it themselves. My residents are in the skilled nursing unit, and some have had muscle, nerve, or bone damage, some are hard of hearing, some are just plain OLD. Most of them range in age from 85-101. But we keep trying to get them involved and excited about it. It really is great for their range of motion, my problem is getting them to DO it. -Shana
  2. My sensory stim is called "relax with (staff name who leads it)". We have lotions, aromatherapy, foot bath, nature sounds machine, tea offerings, and put the lights down low. We make it as Spa-like as possible, and have it in the evening right after dinner. We grab them as they come out of the dining room and bring them into our activity room.
  3. Hi there! I am new to this site as well, but I can add some different ideas for summer outings as well. We just got a book called "Imagination Vacations" which is a close your eyes and listen type of activity in which residents imagine what you describe. This can be done anywhere, and is awesome! We also do bbq's weekly when possible, and cna's can eat if they bring their residents out as well (incentive!). Recently, we held a summer carnival in which everyone got straw cowboy hats, snack food prizes, authentic Hawaiian dancers entertained us, bbq, and residents were given water balloons to throw at staff! It was great! Shana
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