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  1. Wow, I would like more information on the cost for purchasing and the cost to ship back if little to no responds from residents. If you have a picture to email that would be great Thank you please contact me
  2. Hi, I have several life stations in my Unit. I have an office set complete with desk/books/calculator/phone/ files etc. (2) I have a station that is caring for children ie: dresser/lots of cloths/changing table/bottles/diapers/small bassinet/rocking chair ect.. (3) Kitchen set up complete w/sink ,dishes, towels, brooms/mops and our residents help in setting dining table before meals and they help pick up after meals. (4) a makeup/hair station complete with/ hand mirrors, makeup, hats. purses, jewely ect. I have men stations as well. If we look at ourselves in what we do everyday when we get up and when were working, what do we do?, what items/things do we need or use? in our everyday life. Ask families what your residents did when they were younger, what groups did they belong to and what hobbies, ect and set up you stations to those life skills. Our goal is to give our residents purpose. We all need a purpose. It is the greatest thing to see residents utilize what you created, it will surprise you when you hand a resident a broom and just uses it like she did everyday. Have fun with your stations and be creative.
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