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  1. We have the same probelm at my facility. They may get the resdient up for an activity, but they put them in their chair or leave them in their room. This is actually a big problem for us and we can't figure out hwo to fix it. Things would be much easier if the whole facility worked together, but this isn't always the case. Do you have any suggestions on getting helping hands?
  2. Hi my name is Cassy. I work in a 200 bed facility in Sebring Ohio. I am only an Activity Assistant, but I am currently enrolled in the MEPAP 1 course. That is actually how I found out about this site. I have only worked in activities for a little over ayear, but I love it. I am also a student at Kent State University with a major in gerontology. I hope to graduate in a a little over eyar, that is if my daughter will ever let me get to my homework(haha). After graduation I am hoping to persue a career in being a consultant.
  3. Maybe I sound silly, but what is national night out?
  4. I am also in a facility that has a smaller budget and limited transportation. We are doing a number of on campus activities, but we will be leaving as well. In the month of june we are having a strawberry festival. We are decorating our activity room with strawberry balloons and decor. We will be serving strawberry shortcake and we have ordered entertainment. We are also having a vacation bible school, lead by minister's in our town. Our residents will have a sermon, music, craft, and snack from 9-11am. They are very excited about this. We are also going fishing in oru campus lake. A lot of campuses are not as lucky to have this feature, but if you are you use it. You can make it more social by serving Tea and Lemonade to the ladies if they don't want to fish. Finally, we are taking some of our residents to the county fair. This is a big hit activity. It takes all day and a big number of staff, but they LOVE it.
  5. I think it is more than acceptable to turn down entertainment. The next time she wnats to come in and sing just politely tell her the residents are not interested in the type of music she plays and you are trying to find an entertainer that plays music more their style. It is obvious that you have given her chances to accomidate the residents wants. This should leave her with not much room to complain, although she probably will, your residents will be much happier.
  6. I am very fortunate to be in a facility that has a lake behind it. We are taking our men fishing the friday before fathers day and inviting the ladies to join. Then we are having a party on saturday with a male entertainer and "Manly" food. We are serving food such as mini hotdogs, pretzels, wings, ect. Usually we just post this a male activity with a coinciding female activity so the men can truly have a guys day.
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