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  1. That is a great way to do careplans, I look forward to learning more about it.
  2. I am most certainly going. It is the best motivating and educational tool of the year. The NAAP has all the details if you dont already have them.
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    The best place to get a wii that I have foudn so far is Gamestop I called about 15 stores a day until I found one to begin with and then it turned out to be the cheapest, Gamestop also offers pre-owned ones to help off-set your cost.
  4. I hope one day I get the chance to work in Adult Day Care it seems like it would be a great learning experience.
  5. Have you considered placing a sign on your door that says "planning" or "conference please do not disturb" Obviously residents are the priority but if planning and scheduling can't get done then ALL the residents suffer. I have had to close my door and put a sign on it that says "planning the next great activity" not just for the residents but for myself so I could fight the compulsion to talk to them all.
  6. My trouble area is Men's Activities for my dementia residents. It is difficult for them to do alot of the Men's group activities that my higher fuctiong residents participate in. Does anyone know of a dementia safe tool-kit of some kind?
  7. Get donated items or buy some items at the dollar store and let the CNA's have a live auction. Get the residents involved by giving them the money, let them give money out to CNA's as incentives for the care they provide, then give all the CNA's some money as a baseline so none get left out.
  8. I use microsoft publisher and it hasn't let me down yet. You can easily choose your paper size and save it to send to a copy store or send it directly to your copier. It also has very professional looking pictures in the clipart that save you the money of using other online sources like activity connection that charge to make a calendar.
  9. Hello, my name is Shannon Wilson and I am an Activity Director at an AL in Johnson City, Tn. I work with high functioning AL residents as well as lower functioning residents with dementia and Alzheimer's type dementia in a Memory Care unit. I enjoy working in an assited living because I am able to fit in mroe activities per day for the residents and I am also able to do a wide range of activities because I have very HF residents as well LF.
  10. Have you considered a breakfast picnic? This activity was started in my AL before I came and the residents love it. The cost is low since the residents will eat what they would normally have for breakfast, just outside. You can have it on the grounds if transportation is an issue, or head out with your residents who are able to and go to a local picnic area or park, the best part is that the temps are not as hot early in the morning so the residents will be more comfortable, throw in a card or BINGO game after breakfast for an extra treat. Get your dietary manager on board. Many times they would love an excuse to get out of the building. Our dietary manager cooks up the food wraps it up to kepp it hot, then brings a hotplate to make fresh eggs.
  11. Have you asked her to get her hearing checked? Maybe you could get one of the nurses to do a test for everyone in your department so she is not singled out. Many times people who had mild to severe hearing loss simply don't understand how loud they are.
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