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  1. I work in a 70 bed facility split LTC and Skilled rehab. It is my job to keep all the residents nails cut and the ladies painted and put makeup on the ones that want it. Every morning when I come in I do a morning coffee, cookie, and newspaper pass. When I do this I typically take the time when I get to the residents who want make up on and do it for them or assist them, for some of the men give them a couple squirts of cologne. While I don't have a set time or a class I do have some grooming responsibiities. You can turn them into a fun activity too if thats what your nursing home wants. The men don't really care about the whole business, find a morning run around cut them. Most wouldn't care if you bit their nails off, but this is a wonderful activity for the girls. Turn the activity room into a spa by putting on some soothing music, lighting a couple candles or puting out diffuser sticks in a fresh scent, set up coffee and tea. Bring the ladies in and let them soak their nails in warm water and oil. Give each one a hand massage and a paint job. You can even do their facial masks on them while they're in there but be careful about their sensitive skin! The ladies love this time with just the girls and when they are getting lots of pampering attention. While these things could be considered an ADL and for the nurses and aides I look at it like a self esteem booster. When the residents first get their hair done for the week, or get their nails painted, or have their makeup put on they feel good. They're more likely to get out and participate in activities and interaction with other residents.The aides don't always have time to draw someones eyebrows on with every other thing they have to get done during their shift. Techincially makeup is not considered an ADL for the nursing staff anyway. Good luck!
  2. Thank You, it did. It also made me a little depressed ;-)
  3. Hi All! I'm an activity assistant and CNA from NW Indiana. I'm currently working on my activity director certification and have been job hunting for a directors job. I have an interview for an AD job next Wednesday but I must admit I have no clue as to what kind of salary to negotiate for if I actually get it. As an assistant I currently get my CNA pay which honestly isn' t much. I feel content with it though because I just get to go out and have fun and help with the brainstorming. However I do feel as a director my compensation should be higher because of all the extra paperwork and responsibility not to mention managing a small activities staff. Since this will be my first AD job I was wondering what some of you guys salaries starting were and what sounds fair. I don't expect to become rich, I've already learned that working in LTC is really more a labor of love but at the same time I don't want to be cheated due to inexpierence in that department. I feel besides that I"m prepared for the interview. I have examples of programs I've established and run at my current location as well as some new ideas I would like to incorporate at a new facility. Any other hints you have will be appreciated. Thanks!
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