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  1. I would conclude that you must run excellant programs for your residents, in order for them to feel comfortable to recommend this type of outting. I personally believe that attending a strip bar/club would be an individual choice and not approperiate to offer all residents. When planning activities, always take into consideration that a program is interesting to the majority of the residents and not the select few. This type of request, should involve family support. Good Luck!
  2. I understand this problem to the fullest extent. I have been working at my facility for four years now and our DON continues to not support our programs and often will tell me what a great job I do at entertaining. Ha! Here all along I thought our programs are enhancing our residents quality of life and meeting their psycho-social, spirtitual, emotional needs and many more. Iguess I've gone a little crazy! What I have found very helpful to get our CNA's on board, is being part of our facilities orientation presentation. Obviously, I can't change the hard core mindsets so I figure why not inform the new and upcoming nursing staff on the importance of every resident having an activity program. I have a 30min. presentation w/the new orientees and inform them how important they are to our dept. and how we can help them out. I bring items that any staff member can get from a cubbard for the residents who are low functioning. Many 1:1 items. As we all know, when someone is starting a new job they are more eager to work hard at doing the "right thing". My passion for our dept. and our residents is displayed during my presentation and I now often get feedback from new staff that they are impressed w/our programs and can tell I really care. I believe that some of my "energy" rubs off and honestly I've been getting more help and received w/a more positive attitude. Let me tell ya, our facility is far from wonderful. Just keep a positive attitude, never let anyone feel/read into your frustration, and changes do occur. For us, it changes very slowly! Best Wishes
  3. Sheron This is absolutly crazy that an Administrator would have you "prove" to her that residents can have books. First off, it is a resident's right to have a book and if they want one you are required by state to give them one. If a resident used to be a reader, prior to alzhiermiers, you are required by state to incorporate that residents past interest. Even though a resident may not be able to comprehend a book, there is not one single reason that they shouldn't have one. Just an FYI, NASCO/Sr. Citzen sells books that are for residents w/alzhiemers and demintia. These books are great! They are designed for the resident to easily understand and often can bring back some memories. I have a few residents that will actually flip through and read or look at the pictures for up to 30 minutes! Can you believe it! We all know our resident's attention span and 30mins. is unreal! Never should one caregiver tell you how to run your activity program. I don't give a hoot about this person's opinoun. If it was me, I would smile and state that "I will take your input into consideration for our programming, thank you." As an A.D. you should not be locking up books and you are required to provide res. to have accesability to independent activities. I'm sooo shocked at this insane type of thinking you are working against! If need be, look up the state regs. for activities and make a copy of the section that states for the facility to provide independent activities. Yikes! Continue to be an advocate for your residents. A facility is a home, not a prision where if a resident wants a book it would be a special treat! Also, who cares if books get misplaced or lost they are just books! Good Luck!
  4. The way I get rid of bad entertainers is to phase them out gently. When they want to schedule next month's date, I let them know that I already have a full calendar with entertainment planned. I state that I will call them when I need entertainment. I will also let them know that we are trying new entertainment and there is not enough room in the calendar for their entertainment. I know this may sound rude. But as an AD we must cater to the resident's needs. If they don't get the hint when residents are leaving the activity, then they gotta go!
  5. I have planned a few outings on site and off site. This summer we will rent golf carts and ride them in the fourth of July parade. We also will do an outdoor "pool party", watermelon seed spitting contest, picnic in the park and a outdoor BBQ.
  6. I have various trouble areas. Time is always a factor in my job, I always want to do something differnt and more activities or spend 1:1 time with the residents. It just seems I never have enough time. Finding original men's activities, where do you get them. I can look online, but the ideas don't always work and there aren't very many ideas. There are so many I can't keep track of them.
  7. Hi! I'm a 34 year old Activity Director, living in south central Kansas. I love my job and my residents. I have been doing this for four years and work in long -term care. I always need idea's, so send them my way!
  8. I'm an AD in Kansas and I make $15.60 an hour. I have my Bachelors degree.
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