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  1. I've already made my tablecloth purcyhases this year, but i'll need more ideas for next year too. Keep them coming. I love them!
  2. I love that idea too, but what I really need is a 15 min activity/competition we can do at change of shift. It's for morale boosting and a chance for residents and staff to earn prizes. we've done these before and it's hard to get most to participate but once they do they have a lot of fun. uh, I need you angels idea too. thanx
  3. I know it sounds kinda corny, but every exercise group I have ever led loves it when we sing songs to the exercises. We sing "Row your boat" while doing rowing motions, we do the "Chicken dance", sing "You've gotta climb" while doing rope climb motions etc. I also use farmiliar activities for motions. One of my newest is Baseball. We do a wind up and 5 pithches on each side, then swing our bats 10X. Next we run our bases, then throw up our arms and yell YEA! 3X (all while sitting). After we "row our boat", it "sinks" so we must "swim", and then part of swimming is "kicking your feet".
  4. HELP!!! I need to come up with competitions staff and residents can do together. Our facility is Alzheimer's/nursing so I have to keep it simple. Physically especially. Of course it has to have a fall or harvest theme. No eating contests please, too many diet restrictions, AURGH! Sorry, just find this frustrating. HELP!
  5. Oh yes, I love the film idea. thanx
  6. I made them years ago, but i think the rubber critters were at dollar tree (haven't seen them in a long time) fishing pole at some other long gone dollar store (probably find one in a toy section, rubber critters too), lilypad at a garden center, and cat tails at Michael's. Of course table cloths at party city. They are thicker than the ones at dollar tree. I have no idea where I got the ants. Some toy store I think. table setting was paper and plastic fom the kitchen! (Free stuff!!!) Hope that helps. It doesn't help me any (those costumes are long gone). Good Luck!
  7. Costume Ideas: Get plastic rectangular table cloth, cut it in half, cut an X in the middle of each tablecoth half. Now you have 2 ponchos. Depending on the color, you can make so many costumes out of them by adding accessories to them. Once I used a gingham (red/white checkered) TC and glued a table setting, plastic food, and plastic ants that trailed around the whole costume. Use a cooler hot glue (quickly) to bond items to TC but not melt through. Makes for quicker assembly too. Another costume I made was a teal TC with rubber ducks, frogs and fish gued to it. had to use a difffer
  8. In reference to the plants, make sure they're nontoxic or plastic. it always surprises me what my residents will put in their mouths (rocks!).
  9. I had to laugh at the thought of Alzheimers residents seeing a visual of a bright sunny day and hearing rain, but that's actually typical weather for our region. Sounds like a great tool. I might look into that one. Thank you for your response. Beth
  10. I had thought of that too of course, but i need them on cd. clearer sound, no hiss. And even when I lived in the boonies, not 5 minutes would go by when I didn't hear a vehicle go by even late at night, so it just didn't seem a feasible way to go about it. Thank you for letting me know it is possible though. I appreciate your reply Beth
  11. i'm looking for some innexpensive nature sound cds. especially birds in the forest. no background music, just the nature sounds. found some downloadable online, but the demo is so short, i can't tell if they r worth purchasing. that and $. looking for a freebie here! any ideas or suggestions??? thanx, Beth
  12. thanx 4 the info. fortuantely i have a party city near by
  13. Thank you for sharing such great pics, looks like you all had a lot of fun. What I was wondering is, where did you get those great plastic 50s cutouts? I especially loved the bar stools. Those were a great touch. (Seriously) Did you have any problems with anyone trying to sit on them??? I work in a dementia unit so the problem of falls crosses my mind. Looks like you guys were NOT a dementia unit though. Just rattling. Beth
  14. yes, that's what i'd like to do but all my web searches are fruitless. i need the name or address of a secific site, a good one. know of any??? please!!!
  15. does anyone know where i can find a good source of free trivia for seniors with dementia??? having a hard time finding much of anything and my supervisor wants more trivia. my residents enjoy it too. most of what i've found is played online and i need something i can print. any help will be apreciated thanx beth
  16. any opinions for showing pirates of penzance for leap year day?
  17. thank u karen and pickles. pickles, that's a genius idea!!! i will suggest it to my supervisor. i'm not sure we have a newsletter, but maybe when i get settled in better, i can start working on that too. i just started working on my first calendar the other day. afraid i didn't get too far yet. i have lots of support from my super though. they hired me for my personality, not my experience, so they r understanding! karen, looks like i have some reading to do!
  18. forgive my lazy type, i hate the shift key, love the backspace key. I'm a new act. coordinator in an alzheimer's unit. i have previously worked in another facility running an experimental program for early onset alz. residents. i was just the assistant though. now i am a coordinator, with many more responsabilities and in need of some excellent suggestions for easy yet not juvinille activities, and moral support. i have to make my first calendar soon, so any suggestions would be helpful. of course i already have an arsenal of ideas, but one can never have too many. aparently i have cham
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