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  1. heavenstar my problem isn't not knowing what to do with them. I have music, movies, etc in both portuguese and english. My problem is the boss won't allow it to be used (says it offends the english clients). She then said the other day that we would be heading more towards alzhemiers and dementia patients and less physically disabled & MR patients. Mysself and another assistant then asked if the english speaking individuals got mad at portuguese activities what did she think they would do when we have to spend less time with them because we have to spend more time with the dementia and alzhemiers. And it will happen because we are doing it already for the clients I mentioned above. She didn't seem to answer right away.
  2. Its a fine line on what can be done. Our place is not a portuguese program according to our manager so we must stick to an english program. So my suggestion is to check with your higher ups. That being said our manager said we could do something like a portuguese theme culture day: food, discussions, etc. If your higher ups have no problem then you could do that. But can tell you from experience at our place we have been told seperate by function levels or personality issues(we have some that must stay separate or they will go after each other.) but not by language. " Intergrate as much as possible portuguese and english speaking as much as possible what they don't understand in words they understand in gestures"...my bosses words not mine.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately going for walks outside our building is not an option. We are in the city a share a building with a barber and a bar. The bar opens at three, gets deliveries all day and we don't close till 4pm. Also on the next block is a mental health day facility that lets their clients run loose outside. We can have a max of 24 people right now it is a very small location. And I got more good news today. Currently we have a heavy percentage of foreign language speaking clients but they didn't like that an assistant and I tried a portuguese activity. Or I should say I did the activity she was supposed to do an alternate activity with the other group but didn't. So it ticked off the english speaking ones and the manager said unless its something like a culture theme day that we can't since we are not designated a portuguese program. Then she proceeds to tell us that we will be getting more alzhemirs and dementia patients and that depending on their stages some will have to be in a seperate group and she even threw around the words "locked facility" as a future possibility.
  4. I work at an adult day care and we have recently added four shall we say more difficult clients. I'll describe them individually One is an older male who refuses to participate in anything and spends the day trying to walk out the door(we have to keep both locked) but we still have to watch him because of damage he will cause trying to get out locked door. And if you try to move him he starts getting loud looking for his wife. The second is also an older male who refuses to participate, also trys to go out the door, but also will go up to every aide many times in a five minute period asking whens the bus is coming. The third is a sixty yr old male who is completely wheelchair bound and can not do anything (we have to feed him, empty his cathether, etc) He obviously can't leave but does spend the whole time moaning about everything out loud(boy is he loud) The fourth is a 96 year old woman who can't be left alone because she will also try to leave and if she doesn't then she just goes on the couch and cries. Don't try to touch her when that happens cause she has swung and scream that she don't give a damn and get away. We are small staffed 1 AD, 2 assistants, and 1 nurse. We do have a program manager but she is often gone in the day; meetings, evaluations, etc. I know we have had clients ticked off by these four individuals and some who have left because of it. So I thought I would put the problem here and see if there are any suggestions out there? Thanks in Advance Colleen
  5. Hi.. I work at an Adult Day Care and would love to write to you guys & gals also. I am in Massachusetts and if my clients are willing I think it would be great. I am trying to start them writing to the troops also. My email Colleeni869@yahoo.com
  6. I am looking for position in southeastern mass/RI. Currently I am CPR and First Aid certified and am just awaiting my assistant level certification to be processed. I have 2 years experience working with both physically and mentally disabled elderly. If anyone knows of any positions email me Colleeni869@yahoo.com
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