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  1. :unsure:Hi, my name is Chrystal Hoyle...I am having troubles with care plans and what steps to take...If there is anyone out there that can guide me through this...I appreciate it a lot...God Bless You and Thanks, Chrystal Hoyle
  2. I had a great idea for Christmas....Making pixie fairys...They are made out of silk fake flower pedals...You put them up side down and add pipe cleaners as legs...I am going to ask the community in our local paper if they could donate their fake flowers to our facilty...We are going to make them and put them on our Christmas Tree this year (2007)...When I finish them I will take pictures of them and post it on here...Hopefully to be done with them by October (2007)...It is very simple...The faces will be made of wood (clothe pins) and paint their faces..And the arms and legs will be made of pipe cleaner and hot glued...Anyway, they are really nice and when I get them done I will show it to you all..And another idea for activity is having a resident of the week...They can pick what they want to play for activities and so on...They used to do this years ago...But, we are bringing it back....Heard they loved that...Gotta Go...God Bless You All...Thanks, Chrystal Hoyle
  3. chrystal

    We passed!

    Congradulations...Our facility also passed the surveyors also...We had ours in March of 2007..They caught us by surprise...They came on a Sunday and left on Wednesday...No write ups or any fines to pay....We had our pizza party...WOW???? What a ride we had to endure...But, congradulations to you...Thanks, Chrystal Hoyle
  5. Hi, Everyone...I have a couple of sheets of Daily Participation sheets if anyone would like to use...And I have some 1:1 sheets too...Please e-mail me at hchrystal618@aol.com...I wouldn't mind sharing...And if there's anything that I have that can help let me know....Thanks, Chrystal Hoyle
  6. At lunch which is at 12:00 pm...I would fold the bibs and put them out on the table...I serve the residents some coffee and serve their trays out to them....I also every morning at 10 am I serve them their snacks out along with something to drink...There are some days I would have them sit outside on the front porch and have ice tea with them and chat for a while....I take picture's of them with my camera and have them developed for the family....On Saturday's is called movie and a surprise...They love popcorn and a movie and I would make them something from my home and we would eat it 2 hours after lunch...I would bring a movie with me from my home also...Sometimes on Saturday's I would do hair and nails...I buy my own fingernail polish...Although there some days I would do nails during the week...It all depends each and every day...I also write for the Pope County Care Center News for my local paper The Hearald every week...Well, that is all I can tell you what I do besides doing actvities...Thanks, Chrystal Hoyle
  7. Hi, Everyone I am new to this and just joined...I am from Golconda, Illinois..Pope County...A city of 750..Our facility is named Pope County Care Center...I was hired on as a housekepper and after a few months I am an activity Director..It is a challenging job and hope to share idea's with other activity director's...I am glad there is a web site that can help other's..And I am glad to stumble over this web site...If there is anyone out there needs help or if there is something that I need help in I hope to help other's....Thanks alot: Chrystal Hoyle
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