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  1. Hi! I would like a copy as well. My email is wisegreekwoman@yahoo.com. Thank you very much!
  2. I was wondering if it is written anywhere on any limits for the ratio of residents per acivity director who does the whole process? This means assessing, planning, implementing, documenting, evaluating, modifying care plans and programs to fit the interests and needs of residents, plus all the administrative aspects of the department which includes QI, meetings, newsletters, etc. I currently have 40 - 42 long & short term residents on one floor, and the same number on another floor. The addition of the other floor was due to the loss of the activity coordinator there, and no "suitable" candidates (per admid) to date (I've been waiting almost a year for this candidate). With just the one floor I was feeling pressed in meeting all the needs of residents as well as my management responsibilities. I run 4 programs daily, plus "5" 1:1's. I have "1" evening program weekly. I do movie and popcorn on Saturday (staff run this and it's the only one they run) and worship services, run by our clergy, (morning and evening - Catholic & Protestant respectively) on Sundays. With the addition of the second floor, I try to make the programs suitable for both, although somedays now I find I am doing "2" extra small group programs. Staff do help at times, and they are really good about getting residents to events in the building. We are doing the neighborhood concept here, however, I see it with limitations. The DON does not back up the activities. She enables the CNA's who state they do not have time. Thank you for your input.
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