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  1. You are at such an advantage with the "new culture change" QIS Survey being introduced with such a variety of cultures in your population. With the support of your Administrator & Management Team, you could write down all the different cultures on a piece of paper and put them in a hat. Send the hat around the the room at your next management meeting. Then come up with 3 simple questions about that culture. I would suggest food, music, some type of traditional activity. Ask each person to talk to those residents in that culture and ask several residents those simple questions. Then ask the person with the culture they choose to use their creativity and create a couple of events for that culture. You could get dietary involved with a lunch just for the culture, making it inexpensive, not a meal with 20 dishes. Just 2-3 to give those residents a trip down memory lane talking about this type of food, how it is prepared, where they find it, et et. see what fun! And, you can get the other staff involved too. Example: If it is chinese, you could get a bundle of chinese fortune cookies donated or purchase them from the local chinese restuarant, hand them out to the all the staff on that unit, have everyone read their fortune and get in on the fun! What an opportunity you have to be creative, out of the box, the favorite department of the facility!!! Go for it!
  2. We have "Winter Warm-up" on the activity calendar. Great weekend activity for a volunteer and or your staff to conduct. Hot Chocolate, variety of cookies, sometimes muffins, you can put on some nice relaxation music, intruments, songs without words. It is a very nice afternoon activity for just a nice small group that like to sit in the living room, activity room to relax.
  3. i am not sure i understand the concept of the other replies with rewards, food & other treats, notes, et. My Activity Staff has a job description as well as all other staff in the facility pertaining to their position. If you read the Interpetive Guidelines, and most likey you will have a policy regarding assisting residents in every aspect of daily living, nourishment, all care issues ~ you will see one that states assisting or transporting residents to activities/porgrams/events, meals, et is mandated. This is not just the C.N.A.'s. I personally feel that just saying "thank you for helping" or "asking politely and not demanding in the tone of voice" is acceptable. Funny thing. I just went thru my annual survey two weeks ago. My residents thought they were in heaven. They received so much l-l attention, attended every activity, and so on. Lets be honest folks. I can get in my car at the end of every day and as w the rest of the staff does the same. But for our residents, this is their home, most depend on all of us, every staff member for some little piece of happiness each day. Dont we owe them that much? Next time you have the opportunity to give a little speech in morning meeting, mandatory staff inservices, in the break room, at staff/residents events, family night, why dont you share your thoughts on this subject. It works. from a veteran Activity Coordinator, 31 years.
  4. Several years ago I was told by a State and Fed surveyor that you can have Bingo in your facility as many times a week as the residents would like, however, they have to vote at their Resident Council Meeting and it has to be in the minutes. They also vote for the prizes. Over the years it has varied depending the group that voted. Currently we have Bingo 3 times a week. Monday evenings, I have a Resident Volunteer then my assistants do not have to stay late. On Wednesdays I have a youth volunteer that is working on a scholarship and comes for 2 hrs. This free's up my assistants to catch up on their paper work, et. Then every Saturday, AM or PM and my assistants work bi-weekly Saturdays. At present the residents voted for $.50 a game however on holidays they enjoy snacks, little items from Dollar Tree just to make it interesting. I have had the Bingo prize cart before and it worked for a while. Keeping up with chips and trading them in at the end of the month becomes difficult in skilled long term care because they misplace them, loose them, et. with the money they can purchase a soda, a snack, have a staff member pick them up a hamburger, et. Yvonne Type, ADC
  5. I would like to know if activity coordinators have something special every day of Nursing Home Week; have theme and build activities around it and have several throughout the week; or just have one big event around a theme? In the past years I have had each department in my facility take a day and do a program for both residents and staff. However, this has gotten kind of stale, they tend to lay back on the same ole, same ole, comfort zone kind of programs. I want something new and fresh. Any ideas? I am open for all suggestions. Yvonne Type, ADC, Veteran of 30 years, been there, done that!
  6. We are having a Fathers Day Luncheon this Fathers Day. Subway Sandwiches are a favorite with our residents, it is treat to get all the extra's subway offers and the sandwich ends up stacking a "mile high" which is a tasty "mans meal". Of course chips, beverage and a dessert are included. But what makes this luncheon so special is we invite our NHA, which is a male, our therapy staff, 3 males, our maintenance dept. which is 2 males, housekeeping dept. 1 males, and our male nurses and nursing assistants. (dietary, housekeeping, et. if you have males in those depts ) We ladies back out and let the luncheon truely become all male. The staff interacts with the residents and the residents get that" one on one male" involvement. It is really great to actually see just an "all mens group" finally happening. Bonus: if you call your local subway, it is most likely a franchise owner by a local person and they will match a free tray of sandwiches to one you purchase. Donations are so great because then you can increase your planned attendance and it not break your budget for one nice function & you have plenty of food. A large tray is so much food! Happy Fathers Day! Yvonne Type, ADC
  7. A new idea for your Valentines Day King & Queen of Hearts. Last year I wanted all my residents to feel special so instead of having the usual voting for a King & Queen I called our local Burger King and asked the manager if she would donate the gold Burger King paper Crowns they give to the public. She gave me 120 free crowns, I brought them backto the facility and covered the circle with Burger King written on it with gold glitter. At my party I surprised everyone with the announcement that because every single resident was so special we could not make a decision for just one King & Queen. And, we made every single resident either King or Queen with their very own crown to wear, a little party sack for each and had a big Valentine Party. At the end of the day, some of our residents were still wearing their crown to dinner. Being a veteran Activity Director of 29 years gave me a thrill and touched my heart so that I thought I would never stop the tears of joy & happiness just to know that every resident felt so special. Yvonne Type, Macclenny Nusing & Rehab Center
  8. Hi Crystal, I would like to have copies of your activity participation form and your l-l bed bound in room form. i have been doing activities for 29 years, yes 29 years and sometimes it is nice to change up. my email is TYPEROSE1@yahoo.com. Macclenny Nursing & Rehab Center, Macclenny, Florida 32063 - 40 miles west of Jacksonville, Florida. Talk to you soon, thanks Yvonne
  9. Hi. I am a veteran Activity Director of 30 years. Yes, it is true. There are still a few of us around that considered becoming an Activity Director a profession and not "just a job". Being in the field so many years and forever changing my activity calendar of events with new and fun programs, it is always nice to "lean on the creativity of others every once in a while". Mind you, I am not going thru burnout just would like to pick at your creative mind. I would like your sensory cart idea or what sensory activity you might offer your lower level and bed bound residents. Thanks for your idea. I have a few of my own that have been popular both my residents & was impressive to our friends the survey team. Yvonne R. Type, ADC Macclenny Nursing & Rehab Center, Macclenny, Florida
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