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  1. I have asked this question on several sites and still don't have my answer; I must not be asking it correctly. OK I am ready to become certified through track 5. I was told that I only need to fill out the track 5 form AND NOT THE ENTIRE APPLICATION. I think that it would be great if it were true. Does anyone know for sure?
  2. I have a beat the winter blues party: all staff and residents dress in blue. we serve blue punch and cake or cookies, all decorations, napkins, balloons cup and dishes are blue. we hire entertainers to play the blues. we have a pj party each year. all staff wears pj's to work. we tell stories and make smores. have contests for best pjs etc. this year I am going to invite a day care center to join us for a puppet show and invite them to wear their pjs also.
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    I have to have a quality assurance problem by our qa meeting tomorrow. I have used 1:1's and small group participation but I need a new QA. I don't care what it is at this point but it would pertain to activities. I run out of ideas and hate using the same ones. We are supposed to have 3 going at a time but I could never do that. It is frustrating at best!
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    I need a quality assurance problem as soon as possible> Can anyone help?
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