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  1. Thankyou everyone... I didn't expect this many responses... I really appreciate everyones little tidbit. You don't know how much it helps me out. Thanks once again... 8-)
  2. Hi everyone. My question is about creating newsletters... I recently got a computer installed in my office and its about time so I think. Now I need to start creating a facility newsletter for residents, staff, and families, does anyone know or have the software to do this with? It would be a great help to me. Anyone with any ideas please reply or let me know where i can find software to accomplish this task... Thankyou. :-D
  3. Rosa

    Need Volunteers?

    Hi Cindy I also went into the joinseniors website and it tells me the website does not exist? Maybe there is something we are missing in the URL? :roll:
  4. Thanks pat.... :-)
  5. Hello everyone i became a member back in June but did not post an introduce yourself clip... So now i am taking the time to do so. Well I live in California and i work for a 53 bed facility i have been the activity director for the past 3 years and I love my job. I joined activity directors.com to access some new ideas because everyone can use some every now and again. Well my e-mail is in my profile somewhere anytime anyone wants to drop me a line feel free!!! :-D
  6. Rosa

    Residents Mail

    Hi there in the facility where i work it is the responsibility of the Activity Director or activity staff to pass out mail and also do it within 24 hrs. from the time the mail is recieved...
  7. Hi I also work in the Central California area and i do know of one class that is going to start July 8, 2004 in Reedley Ca. If you are interested contact me at 559-935-5939 and ask for Rosa. You can miss 2 classes and still sign up for the remaining. You also have to do 90 hrs. classtime I beleive and 90 hours practicum which is where you work or volunteer those hours. :-P
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