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  1. hello everyone! my name is Sarah and I just started working at a 80+ resident home in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I have prior experience working in the activities department in other nursing homes but this is my first large facility. i am basically the only activities assistant. my activities coordinator and i are brand new to the facility so we as well as the residents are adjusting to the way we both do activities. my last nursing home we had one activity director and six activities aides and the residents were more along the lines of lower functioning. here in council bluffs, many of the residents are higher functioning. i'm not use to this and neither is my activities coordinator linda. some of them are looking for something to do (like chores and work type of things) rather than just straight entertainment. i'm just curious if any of you have any feasible ideas. also i need some ideas for good diversional activities that will keep their attention. and if you have any general comments, please divulge. i'm always looking for new ideas!!! thanks!
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