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  1. We have a few residents at our assisted living residence who don't wish to participate. I do what I can by going to their individual suites and personally tell them we would enjoy their company at our planned activity. Sometimes by making them feel needed and special, they will join us. Other times, not. I do feel that some of the staff believe I don't do enough to encourage the residents to participate. I do what I can, and it's the residents right not to participate. I always make it a point to convey to the resident that we missed their presence at the named activity and hope they will c
  2. We welcome the new residents to our assisted living residence by leaving a welcome basket on their bed. I can usually find $4 wicker basket at the craft store, and hit the dollar store for useful items such as tissues, liquid soap, bar soap, body spray, calendar, shower cap etc. to fill the basket. We also roll a new set of towels and wash cloth in the basket. I place our newsletter within the basket. I try to keep the cost of the basket to under $25, and the cost can be figured in the one time move-in fee or taken from the marketing budget. On the computer, I print up a welcome letter fro
  3. Emily... Thanks so much for your suggestions. We are hosting the Hollywood theme party on Halloween, so I will let you know how it goes. Most of the shopping is done and the staff is talking up which actor/actress they are dressing up as. I'll let you know how it goes. Jill
  4. Hi... Since I'm new to the message board, please excuse if this topic has already been discussed in the past. Instead of doing the typical Halloween party, I'm planning a Hollywood theme party, "Hooray for Hollywood Extravaganza." I've done much research on the Internet but figured this would be a great place to gather information from my peers. I am the activities director for 26 assisted living residents, and I'm encouraging the staff and residents to dress as Hollywood movie star. If you ever planned this Hollywood event, please share with me what worked well for you, and wh
  5. Hi... I usually plan a tea party around England's Queen Elizabeth's birthday which is April 21. You can do the same for any royals' birthday in any country. I pulled up trivia on the queen and her family. The dining room tables were done up nicely with linen tablecloths and fresh flowers. Since our facility lacks fancy tableware, I used small dollies placed on saucers and tied lace ribbon on the teacup handles. We went with a British theme serving finger sandwiches and English tea. You can encourage the residents to dress up for tea-time. We also did a Red Hat theme tea and invited
  6. As for the sanitation issue, my rule is that the resident must wash their hands and wear food prep gloves. If they won't comply to the rule, they cannot cook. I typically find my recipes on the Internet. I print out the recipe and enlarge it on our copier so my residents can follow the recipe with ease. I also keep small pencils on the table and encourage them to cross off the item when adding an ingredient. This way there is less room for error and less frustration for them. When planning my cooking activity calendar it helps me to use themes taken from Crazy Dates found at http://w
  7. Try phoning local ceramic businesses in your area. In the past, one ceramic center owner developed a program where they brought unfinished ceramic pieces and provided a teacher who lead the ceramic instruction. I became an assistant helping the residents, so it took a heavy burden off of me. There was a per head charge for this service, and each month we could choose a theme piece. Of course we only had 28 residents.
  8. My 3 bulletin boards are the width of a role of wrapping paper, so I typically go to the $ store to purchase my supplies. You can find interesting theme wrapping paper or choose plain, single color wrapping paper. My local $Store is now selling a limited variety of school store items, so I purchased plain corragated border in every color. I typically design my board in the foyer to be an eye cathcing 3-D display. For a picnic theme, I used a paper plate and hot glued fake food items purchased at the craft store. A red and white checkered napkin matched the plate design, and a few fake bu
  9. Hi... I am new to the message board and would introduce myself. After a scenic career of being a hospital L.P.N., working in customer service at a manufacturing company, daycare, and an administrator at a non-profit organization, I find myself in the best position ever... an activities director! For the past 8 years, I have been the activities director at small assisted living residences in Bucks County, PA. I'm at my present job for 3 years, and work for a wonderful administration who appreciates my role in activites. Since I am the only person in our activites department for our 16
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