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  1. What a surprise, Tuesday morning the Dept. of Justice arrived to conduct a 6-8 hour survey. It is a first for us, and we were surprised that such a survey existed. It is a general survey and not an investigation. There were a few minor issues that will be easily addressed. They held their exit at 11:45 that morning, so their survey didn’t quite last a whole 6 hours. As the Dept of Justice surveyors were walking out of the door Licensing walked in to do their survey. We were floored!!! Licensing conducted two surveys this week, one was for Title II and the second was Fed. They conducted
  2. trixiedg, I am so sorry to have taken so long to reply. I could not find the info for some time, then became ill. It has been on my mind and finally I went to our Q.A. and Compliance Officer. She, within five minutes, (errrrrrr) found this site. I hope that this is helpful. http://www.hipaadvisory.com/action/faqs/Ro...0Compliance.htm This web site contains: HIPAAregs: The full text of both the proposed and final HIPAA regulations, and articles that explain them. HIPAAprimer: Learn more about HIPAA in plain English. HIPAAction: Information on the necessary pla
  3. I have two perfect petzzz. They are absoutely cute, and very life like. My office is near the front entrance and I often sit one on my desk. It is amazing the number of people who come into my office concerned that the puppy is going to fall off of my desk. The only problem that I find with them is that they have a hard flat bottom, and while the fur is soft, the upper body is formed and stiff, (except for the spot where they appear to be breathing.) They are not the greatest for sitting on a resident's lap to hold, which was an expensive disappointment. The bean or rice filled stu
  4. Fantastic idea ADInfo!!! I love the idea of inviting guest speakers. You know - Toastmasters and high school Speach Club members need audiences. About 12 years ago a high school student came to me and asked if she could practice her speaches with the residents. She earned extra money speaking for the local clubs and she needed an audience to practice her speaches with. She eventually became a volunteer and helped me with group activities after school. A year later she was off to college. Several years go she returned, as a nurse! How surprised I was to see her orienting. (I ju
  5. Hi TRiffic, Have you looked into public service projects for your residents? Many people who have lived a comfortable lifestyle, seem to receive a sense of accomplishment from philanthropy. Maybe something along this line of thinking can be the key that motivates your residents to actively participate. Perhaps a fundraising project with the funds being used to purchase needed equipment at the local dog shelter. I have read about people who knit, crochet, or purchase tiny blankets for the pets that are in dog shelters awaiting new homes. A project such as this can have many face
  6. Pennie, I have a resident who is getting ready to purchase a lap top in a few days. I will be helping that resident while making feature choices. I would never have thought about a lap tray, which for this resident, will be very beneficial. Thank you for the suggestion, links, and information.
  7. Beth, Arthur C. Clarke said, "I don't pretend we have all the answers. But the questions are certainly worth thinking about." Thank you for starting this thread, it gave me pause to stop and think about something from my calendar that I could share with you in my way of saying WELCOME. Your enthusiasm will be a strong asset to you as a new AD. I remember developing my first few calendars (many years ago) and the challenge of coordinating all of the different facets of the Activity Schedule. That was back in the days of pencil paper and a typewriter. I went through lots of penci
  8. Leap Year has been the traditional time that women can propose marriage... http://marriage.about.com/cs/holidays/a/leapyear.htm In the United States, some people have referred to this date as Sadie Hawkins Day with women being given the right to run after unmarried men to ... http://www.lil-abner.com/sadiehawk.html Now for the recipes; http://www.countryfolkmag.com/recipes_recipe_page39.html http://www.emints.org/ethemes/resources/S00001552.shtml http://www.foodreference.com/html/breadpor.html For those who prefer to sip mock-tinis rather than drink Dogpatches' Kicka
  9. Hi Kelly, My department has found that the time just before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, can be the most rewarding activity time frames for some of our residents. We do 1:1 activities in a group setting. We alternately call this time Do Drop In or Puzzles'N'Things. Our main focus is on those residents who are not up between meals for group activitities, our lower functioning residents that need a more hands on activity intervention, and those who may be higher functioning with special needs that we can assist during this time frame. We may play music or put a respite video on the tele
  10. Hello Gwendolyn, I have been an Activity Directer for twenty-two years, and have been certified since the late 80's. I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. My e-mail is zoop@frontiernet.net.
  11. Congratulations!!!!! It sounds like you and your facility have done a great job!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!
  12. The two hours between activity programs may be a good time to complete assigned progress notes, set up craft projects, clean and up keep of supplies and storage areas. It may be a good time to deliver independent activity supplies, or set up your therapeutic/relaxation, cd's for those residents with sleeping disorders or pain management issues. Lotion rubs, aroma therapy for those residents who go to bed after supper. Deliver books and magazines. Prepare library material returns for the next day. Clean and upkeep of pet supplies, bird cages, feeding dishes. Copy and replentish forms in t
  13. Hi BillinDayton, I agree that it is very riskey to leave a volunteer who is entertaining the residents alone to handle whatever situation that, can, may, and probably will, arise. A volunteer who works with small groups or 1:1, and who has been trained to handle such situations may be another story. However, being the entertainer during a large group activity and having to provide supervision as well is too much to ask. I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to make it clear where you stand on this issue right from the beginning, when initially discussing the services that you will
  14. Valentines for Veterans The residents at our facility enjoy participating in Ann Landers "Valentine's for Veterans." They make Valentine Cards during crafts for several weeks in advance. They ususally vote during Resident Council to use some of their fund raiser money to purchase regular and diabetic chocolates and sometimes other small items items to include in the box with their Valentine Cards. Early in Feb. all the items are boxed up and sent to the VA hospital in Reno. The residents have been participating in this project for about eleven years now. Valentine Dinner On Valent
  15. I try to give my staff choices in how they would like to provide coverage for the holidays. One choice is that each cover one of the major holidays and that they decide between themselves who is going to cover which holiday. Another choice is that each person work two hours each holiday and they can work out who will work which two hours. This year my staff worked two hours each on Thanksgiving I choose to work Christmas and my new trainee and I worked New Years. The atmosphere is so festive among the staff as well as the residents that it is a pleasure to be there sharing it with them.
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