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  1. Hello my name is Rhonda and I had posted a question about 2 weeks ago on how to go about getting certified as a Activity Director...for some unkown reason I can't seem to find that post to read any replies...( go figure huh..lol)... anyhow this course online, is that for getting certified as AD? I am currently a CNA in Hot Springs Arkansas, starting a new job next week in a 48 resident facility...I decided to move on and away from Beverly Healthcare...I am not happy with they way our ED is a pacifier....never really commits to anything and just keeps trying to keep all at bay when confronted with things...My new job will be on the locked unit with about 9 Alzheimers residents and the facility has a great Activies Director, but apparently she does not do that much with the residents on the lock unit. I was talked to today about maybe getting certified and doing Activities with those residents as I will have time for it. So to make a long question short...will that course online at activitydirectorcourse.com be the direction to go and if not where can I get information for either online courses or classes in my state? Thanks, Rhonda p.s. in case i can't find my way back for any responses please email me @ wranglersgal@sbcglobal.net
  2. Hello, My name is Rhonda and I am in Arkansas. I have been working in nursing home facility for about 10 months after working for the State Health Dept for nearly 11 yrs. I have been offered the position of Activities Director, but the next class for certification is not until late July in our area and was wondering where if anyplace I could go to find out where certification classes are offered so I could possibly get certification sooner. My ED has said he dont care if i have to go out of state to get it, so somewhere in TX OK LA or MO would be a possibility. Thank you in advance for your help.
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