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    Smile, It's good for your complexion
  2. At my assisted living facility, we have a monthly tea party and although it is not linked with the Red Hat Society, I call it the "Red Hat Tea Party" My ladies have to wear a hat, whatever color they want, and they love it! I bring in extra hats of my own, if they don't have one to wear. We have a great chef that puts out a great spread. :pint: There is a woman who came to my facility "The Tea Lady" and gave a lecture and demonstration on afternoon teas and she was great! If anyone out there is in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, let me know and I will give you her number. Louise
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    Hi everyone, I'm new this site. I've been in the filed for 20 years now, which I find hard to believe! I started out when there were no computers, or email, or web sites....I wonder how I've done it all these years. I'm glad to see that there is so much info out there right at my finger tips. Thanks! :-D
  4. In my facility the mail is totally taken care of by the receptionists, as it should be in my opinion. There are two shifts and they overlap by one hour....the mail is delivered in that time.
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