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  1. I can address one of your questions. I found that there is a difference between LTC and ADC. In LTC, not all residents benefit from all activities. You provide programs to target specific individuals and your groups are generally fairly homogeneous. In ADC, if you are the only recreation worker, you must provide programs that the entire population can take part in. That can be very challenging if there is a wide range of abilities. I find that I am never bored. When I am not doing group programs, I try to fit in 1:1 with clients whose goals cannot entirely be met in groups.
  2. "I'd be interested in knowing about your timings. I am trying to shoot for more active programs then hve a passive one, and alternate like that. Do you guys have breaks in between programs for your charting? I have had this suggested to me, but find that the patients all disperse when we don't keep their attention." Any breaks between programs are usually taken up with one:one. The best time for me to chart is after the clients leave. I have an hour on my own that is used for charting, phoning, shopping, etc.
  3. Mexican bingo uses pictures instead of numbers. You can buy proper decks of loteria cards, or print some from online sources. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/lotto/ has some simple ones at no cost, and you can purchase from http://www.lotmex.com/. I think I printed mine from Activityconnection.com. For information on the traditional game, see http://www.festivalofmexico.com/loterias.html.
  4. We play loteria (Mexican bingo) and have done simple paper cutting (papel picado) with red, green, and white paper. Music, costume, and food are musts.
  5. I have been the activity director in our facility-attached adult day centre for 17 years. I work with an LPN, and although we do some joint activities with the facility residents and activity staff, we have separate programs. I work with a mixed population of 12 clients per day and generally have a high proportion of men. One of my challenges is providing suitable activities for such a mixture of people when I am the only activity staff member. Often I have one or two clients with dementia whose behaviour is very disruptive and requires one-to-one intervention. I also usually have a few frail clients with very limited endurance.
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