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  1. You sound like you will be a great Activity Director. You have the right attitude. We vacationed in Tennesse a couple years ago and I loved it. Blessings.
  2. Hi April & welcome. I am in Illinois. Glad you joined us. Blessings.
  3. This sounds like a great idea. Thank You so much for the info. Blessings.
  4. Carl, Just wanted to say hi & welcome. If you ever need any ideas I have a site called Making Memories 101 the URL is http://www.makingmemories101.com Again welcome in New Zealand from Illinois, The Land Of Lincoln. Blessings
  5. Joann, Welcome. I am sure you will notice a lot of changes in your new position. It will be an adjustment. Hope all goes well for you. Blessings, Mary
  6. Ladybug, Hello & Welcome. My name is Mary and I am from Illinois. I have been in long term care as long as I can rememeber. I also have a web site where you might find some ideas. The url is http://www.makingmemories101.com. Again welcome & have a great week. Blessings Mary
  7. Chris, Welcome. I am in Illinois but have a son who is living in Georgia. He is based at Fort Stewart with the 3rd infantry division.Blessings.
  8. MaryADC


    Tiffany, Welcome. I too am in Illinois. Glad to have you here. Blessings.
  9. Gina, ok I found another great site on The Red Hat Society for scrapbooking templates & name tags. Loads of scrapbooking templates for $3.00 a set you can download them from the site and your facility can have it's own Red Hat Society Memory Book! The URl is http://www.scrapbookscrapbook.com/red-hat-society.html What a great Activity! Blessings, Mary
  10. Gina, go to http://www.makingmemories101.com/office.html on the right side of the page at the very bottom is a red box that says "you want it-we got it-All posters" you can type a name in the search box or just hit search and it will take you to the poster site. Blessings, Mary
  11. Gina, You are a whiz!!! I just wanted to let you know I found a site that sells old movie posters also that you might be interested in. They have the oldies like Marilyn Monroe & Clark Gable and some sell for as little as $1.98. You can find the site listed in my Activity Director Office at http://www.makingmemories101.com/office.html Maybe the ladies and Gents would like a poster of their hunk to go with that movie. LOL. Blessings, Mary
  12. Gina, Sounds like fun. I have heard of it. The URL for their Official Website is http://www.redhatsociety.com/. Blessings, Mary
  13. Darlene, In all the facilties I have worked in it was Activities job to deliver the mail & morning Newspapers in fact we had to keep forms in our office giving us permission to open and read the mail to residents who were unable to do that. The forwarding of mail was usually done by the office except for the residents who needed help writing. Then guess who? You got it. Activities had the pleasure. I tried to have a group at least once a week so we could help several residents repond to correspondence. Of course a lot of our residents didn't have stationary or cards either. We were fortunate at one facility I worked at where our local drug store donated old stock stationary and cards to us and we filed the cards and note cards under the appropiate occasions.Sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear but like in the response from Gina. Turn it into an activity! Blessings, Mary
  14. Midgey, Hello. I too worked at a small faciltity at one time(45 residents). I went from a 300 bed facility to 45 then to 250. Then back to the 45. Quite a shock to the system. LOL. Michigan to Florida. That's some weather change. We went on vacation to Michigan a few years back in June Sault Ste. Marie and took mostly shorts. Believe you me I froze. Also spent a summer at Ft Walton Beach in Florida & loved it. Hope you enjoy your move. Blessings. Mary
  15. MaryADC


    Louise, 20 years. That's great. I see so many people come and go in the lives of our seniors. No MDS???? I can't even imagine what that was like. LOL. Welcome. Blessings, Mary
  16. Some of you may be familiar with this game. You take 2 dice and one you tape all the sides and alternate writing the words put & take. You can let several residents play this game at a time. You give each resident 25 or so pennies. You can then play this game one of two ways. 1. The residents take turns rolling both dice. If the dice says "put" and the number 3 they have to choose one resident to give 3 pennies to. If it says "take" they choose one resident to take 3 pennies from. You can end this game when residents run out of pennies with a first second and third place winner for those who have the most or for an alotted amount of time with the winner as whoever has the most amount of pennies. 2. You can give each resident 25 pennies then place 100 pennies in the middle. The middle pile is where the residents put and take pennies from. Whoever has the most amount of pennies in an allotted amount of time is the winner. Our prizes were usually penny candy equal to the value of pennies the resident who won had. Blessings, Mary
  17. Just wanted to say hello & welcome!!! Blessings, Mary
  18. Hi Steph, I live in Illinois but my son is stationed at Ft Stewart Georgia. He is with the 3rd Infantry Division and was on the front when we went to war. He returned safely home in September but just got back from training in California to return to Iraq supposedly in November but now they tell him they may have to go back in May or June. Are you close to Ft. Stewart? Welcome. Blessings, Mary
  19. Marian, It's me again. Mary. Duh. I wasn't logged in when I responded to you intro so I showed up as Mary guest. LOL anyway Great day To Ya. Blessings, Mary
  20. I purchased a Hula Hoop, short Fishing Rod & Reel, plastic fish & stick on magnets. I placed the magnets at the fishes mouth and a larger metal weight that the magnet would cling to at the end of the fishing rod. I made sure the fish line was cut to be not too long. The Hula hoop was secured to the floor with Oh my! I can't think what you call it but it's white and sticky on both sides you can by it in the craft department at Walmart and it comes in a roll or strips. The plastic fish were placed in the middle of the Hula hoop and the residents sat in a circle and took turns fishing. After our fishing trip we had bowls of chocolate pudding with gummy worms sticking out & a nice cool drink. Blessings, Mary
  21. I purchased a dart gun from Walmart that had a cartridge you loaded with 4 darts. I think they cost around $3.00. I took 3 empty 2 liter soda bottles and placed pictures of animals on the front of them. At Thanksgiving I would place pictures of Turkeys and we'd have a "Turkey Shoot". We had hunting trips for rabbit, squirrels, deer etc. I then would place the bottles on a bedside table towards the very back(they fell off better). The bedside table worked great because I could set the height for those standing to shoot or those sitting, in wheel chairs plus I could wheel the table to the resident. The group of residents would take turns trying to shoot and knock the bottles down. They got to use all 4 darts to try. What the men loved about this was you actually cocked the gun like a real one. I even had one little lady who never married and went squirrel hunting with her brother who loved it. She would cock that gun hold it up to her shoulder, squint her eye and bam! and she seldom missed. I kept score of who our best hunter was and they received a prize and a ribbon made of construction paper. I also placed a award on our bulletin board of who our hunter of the week was. Blessings, Mary
  22. I bought a whatzit game and would post one of the cards each week at the nurses station and a copy on all the residents board. The staff and residents had the whole week to look at the card and decide what the saying was. The catch was in order to enter the game to win the prize a resident and staff member had to team up to decifer the message (it was ok & encouraged for a staff member to pick a resident who couldn't help because the prize offered still made staff-resident interaction). When they thought they had the solution they would write it on paper provided at the nurses station and write both their names on the answer. If resident was unable to write it was ok for staff to put their name down. At the end of the week first thing of a morning I would draw a solution until someone had the right answer. I had several prizes according to the level cognitive level of the resident. If the staff entered a bedridden resident to team up with of low cognitive ability for instance the staffs prize would be a bottle of perfumed lotion-the residents prize a bottle of plain lotion and sometime during that day the staff member had to give that resident a lotion rub.Staff & Higher level residents might receive a small knick knack from the dollar store or a bag of candy & pop. If the staff member was on night shift I would leave the prizes at the nurses station and trust staffs honesty that they carried out their interaction. The main thing is to give prizes according to the residents ability and think of ways staff can interact with the resident. Staff and residents loved this game and Mondays staff they would be watching for me to post are next whatzit. If you don't have the funds for a whatzit game you could use trivia questions. Blessings, Mary
  23. MaryADC


    I had what I called The Ballon Game. Each day I took a colored balloon to the residents room along with items of that color. For Instance: Monday:After a brief warm up chat the resident and I would toss the "blue" ballon around and name things that started with that color letter. I would ask the resident what foods started with "B"-bread, blueberries etc. What flowers started with "B"-bluebells etc. What animals started with "B"-Bears,Beavers etc. & name things that color: blue sky, blue eyes etc. Tuesday: Brief chat, balloon toss, show resident a tray with things that were also blue that you wear & use. Like blue comb, blue hat, blue socks,blue ribbon. Wednesday: Brief chat, toss balloon then discuss how the color blue makes us feel. Thursday: Brief chat, toss ballon then I would bring out different colors of blue paper,glue, glitter, scissors and ask the resident for ideas of what we could make and have a short craft. Friday:Brief chat, toss balloon then bring out the goodies blueberry muffins and blue kool-aid. The next week I would use the color red with the same format. The residents seemed to respond well to this game. And I was able to chart a variety of activities. Of course most of these residents were higher cognitive level that were either unable to come out of room or simply refused. Hope this helps someone. Blessings, Mary
  24. My name is Mary and I have been involved in activities since the age of 5! When I was young the Administrator actually lived in the nursing home that my Mother worked at and I spent many nights and days in the nursing home so it became my second home. I can remember playing games with the residents, sneaking in the kitchen and fixing them snacks and bowls of ice cream. I remember when some of the gentlemen residents made the Administrator's 2 daughters and I a club house in the garage and helping the residents garden. I think as a child my happiest days were spent at The Nursing Home. So I have been in LTC all my life. My goal is to let Communities know that a LTC can be a fun place and to better the lives of our senior generation. They have given me so much and I want to give back. I am 51 years old and recently had to give up being an Activity Director because of 2 herniated discs in my back and Neuropathy in my hands and feet plus it is affecting some organs. So I made a web site called Making Memories 101 (because I believe we are never too old to make memories) to help other Activity Director. and to provide resources for family caregivers and volunteers. I had the pleasure of working in one LTC where the staff was the greatest and I was not only Activity Director to the residents but to the staff, families and volunteers because I believe a LTC is a ommunity within itself and everyone should be involved. I am trying as best I can to keep my site updated. I also have a great husband. He was disabled in 1989 when as a Police Officer he was hit by a 2 ton farm truck by a DUI driver while he was standing on the side of the road, he was thrown 110 feet onro the highway,the driver also killed his partner and injured another cop and the DUI driver that they were arresting.He has had 23 surgeries and after being off work for 8 years is now an Administrative Law Judge but when his health needs arise as he still has surgeries ahead, I don't always get the monthly activities up as I would like especially if he has a long hospital stay. So if you visit my site I hope you find helpful information and bear with me please. I look forward to hearing from other Actiity Directors and all the news as I am kind of out of the circle right now. Blessings to you all.
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