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  1. I might as well add my name to the list for a copy of your P&P's manual. I bet you never thought you'd have such an overwhelming reply. Send to: khancock@vumh.org.
  2. I'm very disappointed in what we get paid as an Activity Director. I am a CTRS, by trade, worked in Psych. and Rehab. at a local hospital for thirteen years prior to this position I now have. It took me a long time to move up from there salary-wise--starting at a measly $8 an hour for a newly hired CTRS, back in '89. The thing that disappoints me is when they advertise for an Activity Director, they say they must be a CTRS, or eligible to sit for the exam. I truly don't think this area of professionals realize how much education we do have, and what it means to ask for a CTRS in their facility--it sure doesn't show in the salary. I took a huge pay cut when I accepted this job, but there's only two hospitals in our area (Rehab) and I left one, and there was no openings at the other, so I had no choice. I truly respect the position of an Activity Director we all do, in my opinion, the work of maybe two or three people--and get paid very little, and get little respect from the other departments. I can barely afford to live on what I make, and sometimes put in 50 or 60 hours a week, with no overtime, after almost twenty years of being in this business. This may sound vaguely familiar to you--ha! ha! It's very frustrating. I work very closely with the PT's and OT's in our building, and am trained to do almost all they do, as far as assisting with mobility and transfers, to working on overall cognitive functioning, but it sometimes goes unrecognized because we are Activity Directors--not therapists. All we can do is continue to develop good programs geared toward their overall well-being and interests and document a lot!! Also, educate yourself on anything and everything to expand your knowledge and skills. Hope someone has a good "paying" story to share. Karen
  3. In my opinion the offering of activities, even when they're on comfort measures, is very important to their overall social, physical and spiritual needs. This, to me, is what we're all about, and what we're here for. This is the time for personal one-to-one visits, offering a gentle touch, light massage, soft/relaxing music, and just a comforting voice could do wonders. If they're able, they do come to specific groups, but if they're not able than I provide the above services, and make sure my progress notes reflect what they're being offered and how they may have reacted. Karen
  4. I am not a newly trained CTRS, but am new to Long Term Care and Activity Directing the last five years. I used to write individual attainable, personal goals for each resident, as I would for people in therapy, but then I was shown the other way to list PGA's and it seemed a whole lot more general than I liked, but it's what I've been doing the last couple of years. It now almost sounds like the new reg's are actually what I was doing previous for goal writing, which is how I like to do them. I've tried to attend a seminar for the recent regs, with no avail due to my time constraints. I have no assistant, or steady volunteer to help me run a program with 110 residents, but I am freaking out that what I'm doing is not right--from a therapist stand-point, I know it's not right. It's been very difficult to get the other disciplines involved and getting them to understand that we all have to be on the same page and help with these new rules. It's going to be a hard transition because they as well don't want any extra work--it's hard just to get them to be excited for the residents or even help me to get residents to their desired places during the day. I've seen the new reg's for sale on this website, but my budget is so constrained I can't afford to purchase them. I may have to buy it myself, so I can get started with this process. Sorry for the long windedness, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks K.Hancock CTRS
  5. I also do my calendar on publisher, with a template that was created by my executive secretary. I just go through and change the info. each month, then I copy it to 11x17 size, fold it in half and include it with my monthly newsletter. The healthcare residents, I tape one to each of their closets whether they can read it or not, for family/visitor access to what's going on. I don't have an area to put one large calendar for display, so I post the 11x17 calendar on each units bulletin boards for staff to refer too, as well as give one to each director to place in their offices. I can't help you too much with the computer part of things, I'm not very savvy with it.
  6. I live in Roanoke Virginia and I'm currently an Activity Director, but am truly a CTRS and have been for almost 18 years. I worked in Psych,Rehab and Long Term Care at various times in 13 years I was with our local hospital, and prior to me leaving I was only making $15 an hour. Then it was near impossible to find a job as a CTRS, so now I'm an Activity Director, but took a huge pay cut, down to $11 an hour when I started two years ago. The thing that gets me is that they want a CTRS for this position, and they pay nothing. It makes no sense. I'm still in this area, only because of some family obligations--I was born and raised in Chicago, but would consider moving south, but the salaries aren't much better. That's my two cents. I should be a lot further along than I am, you're supposed to build up in your life, not fall backwards. I was certified right out of college as a CTRS. Karen
  7. I am a CTRS by trade, but have recently become an Activity Director at a CCRC, and would like any help I can find on Attendance forms. We only have about 26 Residents on our healthcare unit that we care plan, but it's hard to keep track in any uniform way the attendance of AL and Independent Residents. I need a simplified form if anyone has any suggestions. The only offer I got was a form that I've seen before that shows percentages by counting the amount of activities you have each month, and figuring it the levels of Residents, etc., and it still doesn't make any sense to me--HELP!!! Karen Hancock/Activitiy Director/CTRS/CMT Roanoke United Methodist Home
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