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  1. · “Activities” refer to any endeavor, other than routine ADLs, in which a resident participates that is intended to enhance her/his sense of well-being and to promote or enhance physical, cognitive, and emotional health.  These include, but are not limited to, activities that promote self-esteem, pleasure, comfort, education, creativity, success, and independence. 


    Do you feel that any random activity will be able to promote or enchance a residen'ts physical, cognitive, and emotional health? Or do you think that activities should actually be more research based and proven effective?

  2. The concept of individualized intervention has evolved over the years.  Many activity professionals have abandoned generic interventions such as “reality orientation” and large-group activities that include residents with different levels of strengths and needs.  In their place, individualized interventions have been developed based upon the assessment of the resident’s history, preferences, strengths, and needs.  These interventions have changed from the idea of “age-appropriate” activities to promoting “person-appropriate” activities. 


    How does everyone feel about this change? Do you feel it was a good idea for them to make this change when they have been stressing "age-appropriate" for years now?



    And one more thing Penny, I agree with you 100% about giving residents and family a sanctuary type area where they can be happy, have fun, gossip, and laugh. However, an activity is not just an activity, an activity can improve some residents cognitive levels, it can get their mobility levels up, it can decrease aggresive behavior, activities can improve their lives on so many levels that i find it absolutely important that all Activity Staff be on top of things. Do what you do but improve their lives at the same time, it's possible, and they deserve it.

  3. The information gathered through the assessment process should be used to develop the activities component of the comprehensive care plan. The ongoing program of activities should match the skills, abilities, needs, and preferences of each resident with the demands of the activity and the characteristics of the physical, social and cultural environments.5



    Do you guys think that any changes will need to made to to your activity programs to "match the skills, abilities, needs, and preferences of each resident with the demands of the activity?" Is this even possible? How in the world is one supposed to adapt a small group activity to be "person appropriate" for each person there?

  4. Angeliquepache,

    Here are two associations for california, all you have to do is contact them. Sometimes they don't have a website but most actually have an association.


    Activity Coordinators Northern California Council

    Lois Sciligo, President

    1630 E. Lassen Ave

    Chico, CA 95973



    Southern California Association of Activity Professionals

    Joan Flannigan, President

    Activities Consultant

    (760) 434-7101



    Kate Lynch

    ElderCare Activities Guide

    The ElderCare Store

  5. Back in 2001 Medicare issued a memorandum stating that treatment of dementia definitely qualified for Medicare payments, including "pharmacologic, physical, occupational, speech-language and other therapies."


    Can you get these payments in your activities programs if they include activities that are known to improve cognitive abilities?

  6. Hi anna! As far as your activities question, ElderCare Activities Guide offers therapeutic activities, and i am not exactly sure on the other activity newsletters offered for this profession.


    Also, for the profession...I am noticing from this website that many states are requiring a higher education or certification from NCAAP.....though i am not sure as what requirement will happen in the future.


    What do you guys think?

  7. Hello, I have been looking around and could use a bit of advice. Are there any specific universities that are offering classes that come highly recommended? I am trying to decide on a university to take classes at and am willing to move where ever; I just want the best education in this profession, any suggestions?

  8. One of our many activity books is called Remembering Yesterday: Entertainment . It’s a 24-page book filled with ready-to-use reminiscence stories about the good ol’ days of entertainment. Since it contains ready-to-use stories, complete with handy discussion questions, summaries and quizzes it can be used by most anyone in remiscence situations, including both professionals and volunteers. The stories are on a wide variety of topics, sure to be of interest to elders. They include such things as: watching the Grand Ole Opry, Square Dancing, the USO, the Rockettes, Traveling Medicine Shows, and more.



    Hope this helps!


  9. I don't know about anyone else who is on this site everyday, like me, but things seem to be pretty quiet lately! So i thought i would post something that will hopefully spice things up!


    What is the most frustrating thing about your job, and how would you change it if you could?


    The ball is rolling, lets keep going! :pint:



    ElderCare Activities Guide

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