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  1. Hi, I am filling in as the Activity Director until we find a new one,my old boss had a baby and decided to stay at home, there is myself, a assistant for the weeks days and one for the weekends, now that I am going to care planning, I realized that we have the goals in only one place, and that is the care plan book, I think we all in the dept. need to know what these goals are, I am currently using a attendance form which cover four months, I am thinking of taking out one of the months, and putting the goal for that resident on the top part, this way we can see what the goals are and if we and the resident are meeting the goals. I showed a sample form to my administrator, and his only concern was that it will be very obvious to anybody looking in the chart that we did not meet the goal,I am working on getting the documentation up to date. In addition, we now have a 1-1 room visit sheet for those residents who needs some extra time. it goes without saying our documentation was not what it should be, I am working on it, any ideas, or forms that you use, e-mail is b-p-dudziak@verizon.net
  2. I am in a 82 bed facality, first floor 12 beds assisted living, second and third floor regular nursing home, this activity would be for residents who need one on one,who vary in their confusion and attention span.
  3. I have several residents that I would like to visit in the afternoon, they are in our common area, and one of the ideas that I had was getting just some new fluffy face cloths , soaking them in warm water with , to which I would add some good smelling stuff, I think what I am talking about is in fact aromatherapy, if it smells good then it is just not cleaning their faces and hands, I for one often feel refreshed after washing my face mid day, I would be interested in knowing what you all think about the idea and if you have any idea of what oil I need to put into the water. Thanks in advance. Betty Ann
  4. Hi, My boss is leaving in a couple of weeks to have a baby, she will be gone 2 months and I am taking over in her slot, we are moving a restorative aid to do my job, she is wonderful and will do a great job, In my position as a activity assistant I have not had to do progress notes, and care plans, I have the progress notes under control, but am lost with the care plans, I will add that I now do the initial assessment, I run most of our programs and have created many new programs, that is what I love to do, so is there a book about care plans out there that you all love and that is easy to understand,? (I know my residents well, I have worked in this facality for 3 years,) it is the lanquage of the care plans that I have a hard time with, if you all could give me some examples, and I get enought I can customized them to my residents making sure that they fit my resident, i would so apprectiate it, I have already checked our current care plans. any help you can give me would be appreciated. Betty Ann
  5. thanks so much, I got a couple of good ideas from the web site for the homemade shoe polish that I was looking for.
  6. I am looking for a home made substitute for shoe polish, it goes without saying it has to be safe for some of my residents who might want to taste it, I have the shoes all ready to go,I remember a long time ago reading about a safe substitute but can't remember what was in it, Thanks in advance I work in a 82 bed facality in New Hampshire, 1st floor assisted living 12 bed, second and third mixed population.
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