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  1. When I was in a memory care community, I gave soft drinks in cans as prizes, made sure everyone had one, & then served everyonewe with soft drinks & snacks. It worked well & they were happy with it.
  2. Gina, One of the things I look for in building my work library is some truly practical & doable, but unique ideas. What puts me off from purchasing is cost. A special event that we do is a Christmas Pageant starring the residents. There are no speaking parts beyond a narrator reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 & then Matthew 2 which includes the 3 wisemen. Our choir of residents sing traditional Christmas carols in between the action of the cast coming in. We borrow costumes from an area church. This program never ceases to get me choked up & other staff feels the same way. The reisdents are so proud of themselves & it's very meaningful for the families. Good luck on your books!
  3. On our memory care calendar, we are more specific on the calendar while still giving a lot of flexibility. ie: 10:00 "Creative Corner" which can be art, a simple craft, or cooking. "Artistic Expression" might be another good name. We also have Physical Games/Walks which can be noodle ball, balloon toss, or whatever.
  4. Jen


    We are finally putting in a Snoezelen or quiet/calming Room and could use some guidance from others who have done this. I looked back at former posts, but haven't seen this topic in a while. What have you learned in how to utilize it, what to have in it, and also the color of the walls? A previous post stated they were using a light lavendar. When touring other facilities, I've noticed both a light khaki color & a deep navy used. Also, we have a slim budget (currently unspecified) & would like to get as much bang for our buck as possible. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the help, Kate & Pennie. I did know it was O.K. for qualified staff to sign-off on any documentation written by non-qualified staff, but have never practiced this as, ulitimately, as you pointed out Pennie, I am responsible for anything in that activity charting.
  6. I recently was sent by my corp. to another state to a sister facility to do some mentoring. The AD had her assistants who have not completed their state-approved AD course writing care plans, progress notes, & completing the MDS. There was another AD from a nearby state there who also was having her assistants do the same & they both had been doing this for years with no problems with survey. I've been doing this for a looong time (17 yrs.) & always understood the F tag 249 as you had to be qualified to do the paperwork. Does anyone else been having their unqualified assistants do documentation? Please enlighten me if I'm wrong!
  7. Wow, I had no idea about the noise. Very poignant, particularly about the son's tearful reaction after he experienced it for only 12 minutes. Heart wrenching & insightful. I have had a few residents over the years who thought they were on a train. Thought it may be because the desease could possibly cause some equilibrium difficulties in some people. Has anyone else had that comment or something simimiliar from a resident?
  8. My residents' favorites include "You Are My Sunshine," "I've Been Working on the Rail Road," "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," "Home On the Range," "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain," "God Bless America," "America," & 1st verses of hymns (we have no residents who have any other faith tradition but Christian) "Amazing Grace," "In The Garden," "Love Lifted Me," "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "The Old Rugged Cross," "When The Saints Go Marching In." We sing acappella & everyday on memory care & lots on the nursing home unit. They love to sing & sometimes when I play familiar music, a resident will start singing & before you know it, an impromptu sing-a-long can begin. It's true that music really is magic!
  9. How about chili or vegetable soup and apple or pumpkin pie. Those says Autumn to me.
  10. I may be wrong here, but I believe that the resident council must be seperate from the family council. I have not had the issues you describe, but have been in state workshops for our Activity Director's Association (In.) where some were in a similiar position. They solved it by changing from having officers to having a committee et. the Activity Director facilitated the meetings. This is with resident approval & I would carefully document this in the minutes. Our bylaws are ancient & don't even apply anymore, but I have them in the front of our minutes. We just finished our survey today & they made no comment about it.
  11. I put in my "approaches" for residents with hearing deficits: Seat resident as close to leader/action as possible. The reason for that is you can't always find a seat up front for your resident. One of our residents has a magic ear & I use it with her for 1:1 interaction & want to buy some for my visiting cart, but am unfortunately over budget as it is. Have any of you tried similar products you would recommend?
  12. Jen

    1:1 Time

    Activity visits are my biggest challenge. I work in a SNF with currently 11 residents in memeory care & 64 in the nursing unit. My 2 part time assistants are in memory care almost exclusively except for 1 day. I keep a current resident analysis to identify who needs activity visits (those who need 1:1 due to are bed bound or unable or unwilling to participate in group or self-directed activities), or small group or 1:1 sensory interventions (those who have little or no awareness of their surroundings or are passive observers only usually d/t late stage dementia) et. those who engage in self-directed activities only or receive activite family visits that I call Brief Social Visits. That is currently 42 of my 64 nursing unit residents. We are in our survey window & survey teams in our general area are hitting this hard. They want to know what is being done for those residents who are not actively engaged in group programming & clearly with only 48 staff hours devoted to these groups, doing the programming, documentation, writing the news letter, on & on, this is an area that I'm concerned with. I keep telling my administrator that we may get a tag, but still no more hours in my dept. I sure don't want to get a deficiency, but that may be what it's going to take. Gosh, I didn't mean to rant! Back to the original subject, my state does not have a set amount of time that each resident receives 1:1 visits, just what the federal states -"to meet the needs of each resicdent."
  13. Some ideas that have worked for us is asking nursing to put movies on-for us this needs to be in a location where staff can provide some supervision of residents for those that are at risk, providing pencils & paper puzzles (activityconnection.com is a subscription & Creative Forcasting has good ones), trivia, asking a high functioning resident to lead bunco or dominoes, contacting area churches to see if a Sun. school class or youth group would conduct a program such as bingo or sing-a-long. I know contacting churches & getting other things takes time & you can't have much of that if you're by yourself. How many residents do you have?
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