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  1. I am about to leave my job and go back to college for special education. I would like to leave my residents something personal that they can remember me by. I have been taking a lot of pictures for my memory book for myself. Any ideas on a sentimental little thing i could do for them? They are quite angry that im leaving. I was hoping to ease the transition.
  2. At my LTC facility i am the only activities director, no assistance, and my budget is very small. I have found that tissue paper comes in handy for all kinds of a&c. You may try to do "stained glass windows" with it. Use black constrction paper to cut out designes for the frame. Then you tear small bits of multi-colored bits and glue them in all patterns inside the frame. Let dry and hang from a window. You can laminate them to save for next year. I recently did this with leaf shapes and they are now in the dining room, along with out paper mache pumpkins. Another Use for the tissue paper is using it to adhere on a vase. Makes a nice pattern. I used regular old glue, and some donated vases. turned out nicely.
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