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  1. Hi, I have the same situation. We started doing sing-alongs, guess the scent game, which is using didferent aromatherapy oils, only 2or 3 kinds ,put on cotton balls,go table to table and have the residents smell them and guess what kind it is.if you use food smells,that can be a stimulant .-Bambi
  2. Hello,everyone. I need some cokking class ideas for leap year. I have the frog craft ready,and trivia,but i want to do a cooking class on this topic. Help !
  3. bamdill65

    Chat Room

    hi there,just got offline from chat night,loved it!! i had an issue with staff and everyone really helped me out. a load off my shoulders-and you know how problems will stick with you -when you are AD. this is a wonderful time .
  4. hi there, i do the same thing,except i keep their in room sheets with their calendar --
  5. yes, really i have 4 assts. should i make it different acts.on the different floors
  6. hello, heres my problem, i just got hired at a 198 bed facility. they didnt have a dir. for 4 months,the act.calndar is in shambles. how do i plan acts. for both floors? do i dupilcate thee acts.?for the same time for both floors or do i make them different so the residents have a choice? but one problem is the residents dont like riding the elevator
  7. we had our survey in april. i wasnt hired on yet.they had no act.dir. they had 12 sites. one was for no dir. the rest were on residents charting. 1-1 were not done propertly,not enough charting.and care plans did not match the 1-1 logs. so i got hired and had to do plan of correction,update care plans and inservice the act.staff. so state is due next week for follow up. so make sure your care plans and 1-1's line up with each other. ----from ohio
  8. thanks everyone for the imput and all your help. -bamdill65
  9. hi, i have been act. asst. for 7-1/2 yrs. went to school- mepap1, in hopes of getting act.dir.. she never retired. now i have my break -a 198 bed facility, non -profit org. they said to dress business/casual but they want the act. dir. to look like she is the dir. so what does that mean? please help me. i start on the 16th thanks
  10. Hi everyone, i need HELP. I have to do a class report for my MEPAP I,on comparing nursing homes from the 1950"s to today. Does anyone have info such as a web sites or books ? thanks
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