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  1. Hello, I work just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. I fill out sections N, F, and E o-p. Julie
  3. Hello, I make sure I write my own care plans!! Unless nursing has went thru the activity classes and actively assists with activities they have no right to do them. How do they know how the residents do in activities??? Also think who is responsible for the activity care plan in states eyes???
  4. Hello, I don't think $2000 is bad. I have had to run an activities department for much less per month with the same amount of residents. You have to be creative with the money no matter how much you get each month. It's never enough for all we do!!! I do agree with you about budgets going down. You have to love all of the cuts the goverment is doing.
  5. Thanks for the great ideas!!! Julie
  6. Hello Everyone, In my building we do have a driver that takes our Assisted Living residents to their appointments in the facility bus. For the Nursing Home we have a Nursing Assistant that is assigned to go with the residents and transportation by a local company. I will drive the bus for the resident outings. I am the Director of Activities. Once in a great while I am asked to take a resident to an appointment or a home eval for therapy. Hope this hepls!
  7. Hello, I was wondering what some of you guys do for new residents in your facilities. I am wanting to expand my current welcome wagon and I am looking for some new ideas. Any suggestions would be a help. Thanks!!!!
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a job descriptions for Resident Council President or knows where I could find one. Thanks!
  9. Hello Everyone, All I can say is when I'm in a nursing home they better offer weekly trips to the movies and shopping!!!! And NO bingo!!!!
  10. jsabo

    Name That Tune

    Hello, Try Polkarobics. They have all kinds of items to use with the residents. Call for a catalog their phone number is: 1-800-772-0447. Julie
  11. Hello, Check out Positive Promotions. They have many different items to pick from and you can place small orders. I have placed many orders with them and they are a great company to deal with. Their prices are average. Hope this helps! www.positive promotions.com or 1-800-635-2666
  12. Kevin, I shop at the Dollar Store for my bingo prizes. My staff passes out to the residents that won a game " Bingo tickets".Then they can come and shop at the "store". In the store we have candy, pop, jewlery, popcorn, hats, socks, snacks, after shave, perfume, make-up...ect. I try to get items that they aren't offered in the Nursing Home. Things we take for granted. I also ask resident council any items they want or need for ideas. Hope this helps.
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