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  1. Hello everyone, I am an activity Director in a small nursing home in Texas. I have been an activity director for more than 10 years.The problem I am having is I know my job and I carry out all my scheduled activities,however every time I turn around I have other department heads taking over my job and reporting back to the administrator I am then called in to the office and given the third degree.I have over heard them talking that they do not want to fire me so what do I do? Do I continue to go to work and do my activities or do I go into the office and try to work it out? I have tried o
  2. HI Chet, I work for a long term facility in TEXAS and I have been planning a Halloween Carnival. We will have music, a cake walk ,haunted house, fishing game and other simple little games like bingo. You can ask staff to bake goods and donate them . I hope this will help some! Sincerely from TEXAS Weda
  3. Dear CJackson, Yard sales, thrift stores have great prices on baby cloths,curtains,womens clothes that you can purchase. You could buy a cheap laundry basket and once your resident folds the clothes you can have her put them in there . Keep in your office and every now and then unfold them and leave in basket so she may fold them again! I hope this will help! WEDA in TEXAS
  4. Mashonda, I use a program called COSMI the amazing calendar maker.
  5. weda


    Hello Anyone and Everyone, I would like to know different or new ideas on how your monthly calendars are made. Are they hand written or computer made? Any ideas will be helpful. Thanks weda
  6. Dear Newbie, Here are some ideas for your in room visits, I have an activity cart that I carry all my sensory stim items in, I go from room to room 3x a wk. I have different scents that I use like Vanilla, Peppermint, Lemon etc for smell. I use a feather for touch, I use scented hand lotion for massaging the hands, face and arms. I also carry a aromatherapy machine that will also put out scents and plays different sounds like a bird chirpping, rain and ocean sounds. You can find this aromatherapy at Target, Walmart they cost about $20.00. I hope that this little bit of info will help any ques
  7. Dear Nancy, Hi, I am an activity director in the San Antonio area. I would like to know some more info an one of your activities that you posted. What is name that tune? How do you play? Any info will help! If you need any new activity ideas I am sure I may have some for you. Thanx Weda
  8. Dear Cindy, I am also from the San Antonio Area, and would like to know more about how you do your sensory groups and in room visits. Any info would help! Thanks! Sincerely, Weda
  9. Anyone ever hear of block parties in a nursing home? If so how do they work and what kind of ideas would you have? :-)
  10. I have been employeed at a facility for 4yrs with the same Administator. I have never recieved a deficiency from the state whom comes in and goes over all my notes as well as calendars. The problem is that the Administrator wants me to make listen make residents do certain things ,like move from an area where they sit daily ,these residents are in their right mind and refuse to do this . I have explained to the administator that these are their rights and she becomes upset and gives me a hard time. What can I do? I have given my resignation and will miss my residents ,However I feel I cann
  11. Good morning to all, I am a 38 yr old Activity director from Castroville,Tx where we have a 115 bed facility.
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