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  1. hi stacy. like you i also put names and birthdays in the newsletter. There is nothing legally wrong about it under HIPPAA aslong you dont put the year they were born or their age because that can be interpreted as a medical information because birthdates can be use now to identify social security informations and the age, well some elderly are senstive. If you are having a problem about opnions, then those alert residents should be asked permission about having their names and bdays published. And just remember who those residents are. usually, you can tell of the top of your head who has sensitive outlook in these kinds of things. if you need more help send me a mail at krismanzano@activitydirector.com goodluck
  2. hi martha. My name is Kris from California. If you are looking for the fastest way of getting certified, there are classes online that are offered. It will cost you im not sure how much. But i were you, I would talk to my administrator to just calling you for now, an acting activity director and take the class while you are working. Then when you get certified, just change your title if you are just worried about having the requirement of having to be certified before you become an activity director. tell me what you think about it. krismanzano@activitydirector.com
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