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  1. :-D When I worked at a Group Home for DD adults, we had Yard Sales as a fund raiser. Anyway, we would go thru the Nickle Saver and find all the yard sales with Addresses and send them a flyer asking for donations. Look for some that advertise clothes and see if you can get then to donate to you. Quite often people are glad not to have to pack things back upafter a sale. GOOD LUCK Lori
  2. :-D :-? I am a new director in corp. facility in WA. state. I am the first director at this facility. I have only been here for a couple of months. They have been open less than a year, and are only about 40% capacity. I have been basically starting from scratch. I guess my biggest concern is that I only am allowed 40 hours per week, and I have no assistance (aids). I guess what I am asking is if someone might be able to tell me how to priortize my efforts. Right now a large portion of my time is transporting residents, and that has been the reason for cancelled and posponed Activities, much to my dismay. Also, We have a limited budget at best. Any advice and ideas anyone might have for me would be greatly appreciated. I want to get organized before I burn out, or go crazy. To be amoung the best I need the tools.
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