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  1. Hi. I just read all of the great ideas for 1 on 1 activities. I have been told they are supposed to be 15 mins each also and I work at a 117 bed home. What I do is I have several rooms that have residents that are about the same cognitive level and we play "guess what's in my box?" I simply have a box with a lid and it is cut out at one end so they can get their hand in there and pull something out. They are common items such as a brush, comb, watch etc... When there is 3 to a room, and you go bed to bed, it is very effective. The other roommates get involved and you talk about what each item is that they pull out of the box.

    A note on the pedicures: I am also a former nail technician. If you do pedicures, do not cut the toenails. Many careplans specify that the nurse or the foot Dr. cut the toenails. Diabetics especially. If this is not done properly, it could cause big problems.

    When I do hand massages, I use a little hand sanitizer on them first before I use the unscented lotion. When you are going from resident to resident, this really cuts down on possible infection control problems!

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