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  1. Don't know your budget but definately Oriental Trading for prizes. you know better about whether you will have a good turn out, but I always feel that is better to have too many than not enough. Extras can be used for another time. Good luck!
  2. In our facility we use shirt protectors. When the regs about having napkins instead of shirt protectors were first introduced to us back in June we decided that OK, we will start using napkins instead of shirt protectors, because quite honestly, I myself wouldn't want to wear a shirt protector (which is just another name for bib). Well, our residents would have none of it. They all wanted their shirt protectors back and we gave them to them. We just make sure that our staff members ask each resident before giving the shirt protectors to them, and we have it in their care plan that they prefer shirt protectors. It's all about choices and respecting the choices of our residents.
  3. Sounds like a mess. I feel for you. You might want to ask you MDS coordinator why the 8-18 date when the last one was done on 4-27 as they should be no more than 92 days apart. You say you are trying to get caught up, but you can't do anything that was due before you started your job. I don't know how much time you have for charting, and you need to talk to your administrator or the powers that be at your facility, what I would try to do is full activity assessment when their next MDS date is whether or not it is a full or quarterly MDS, and then another full assessment the next time they have an annual or sig change MDS.
  4. I am not sure if you are talking about a quarterly MDS assessment or a quarterly activity assessment. A quarterly review (MDS) assessment is due 92 days after the date of the admission assessment. When a resident is discharged to the hospital the assessment depends on whether the hospitalization or the reason for the hospitalization caused the resident to change significantly. If the resident has changed significantly then a Significant change (MDS) assessment needs to be done. If the resident has not had a significant change then no assessment is needed. This call is usually done by the MDS coordinator. This also depends on whether your facility fully discharges residents when they go to the hospital or if they do a return anticipated (MDS) assessement which the activity department has no part in. If the resident is fully discharged then another admission assessment needs to be done. Also the MDS coordinator can have you do any assessment a few days early to make it fit better in the schedule. Activity assessments are done as follows: a full activity assessement upon admission and at any significant change and a quarterly update when a quarterly (MDS) assessment is done.
  5. I would love to have an automatic bowling game, but alas we don't. However I have found that if you switch the person setting up the pins with the person helping the residents each frame you don't get so tired.
  6. I imagine it would be hard to get swing bed patients together for an activity. You probably will have to do a lot of 1:1 activities. Don't forget though, they may not need you or a group for activities. What independent activities can you get them going on? Find out their interests and bring them to them. Crossword puzzles, reading, movies, some crafts, etc. can all be done in their bed without you, depending on your resident's level of functioning.
  7. I really have had no experience working in a swing bed unit but we do have Medicare A residents. Often they are too ill for outings or are involved in therapies. They can't miss their therapy or the amount of money we recieve for their care will be much less. I don't know anything about your set up but if they have their meals in their rooms, how about an outing to the cafeteria for a change of scenery? Do you have a garden or an nice outdoor area? How about planning a picnic lunch for them in this area. Or you can take them out for a walk around your grounds, many hospitals have nice landscaped areas. Hope this helps.
  8. For us it all depends on the type of outing. A bus ride/sight seeing type of trip of limited length can be done easily by a driver and another staff member, with C.N.A.'s etc. helping to load and unload. For most trips involving loading and unloading at a location other than our facility we usually go for a 1-1 ratio. We use family members, staff members, volunteers, etc. When you are moving around an area like Wal Mart, shopping malls, museums, etc. the residents really need that 1-1 attention. If we are going to be gone for more than an hour or two we take a Nurse, and usually a C.N.A. too to assist with taking to the bathroom. We live in a really rural area and most areas that would be of interest are at least 30 minutes away. Residents who have a family member or volunteer as an escort are assigned the buddy system with a staff member resident pair. That way there is always a staff member to make sure the residents are doing o.k. We take all kinds of residents but for the longer trips we limit it to residents who can be transferred to the toilet without a lift. And every staff member and some of the volunteers have their cell phones with each others numbers programmed in so that if you are not in the same area as the nurse, C.N.A., etc. you can reach them easily.
  9. My seniors also cannot make it to the fireworks, but do you have a parade in your area they could go to? We don't but we have a picnic with homemade ice cream and all the items they request to make it like the 4th of July's they remember from the past. We invite family and friends. Loads of red white and blue. Or you can get staff and volunteers to decorate their wheelchairs and walkers and have a parade in the facility. There are some videos available of fireworks although I have never tried them.
  10. We also have a birthday party once a month. On their individual birthdays we wait until everyone is in the dining room at lunch and bring them a small cake and everyone sings Happy Birthday to them.
  11. I am not sure what you mean by running the shop. I am not sure what state you are in. In Illinois you must have a licensed beautician do resident's hair. A family member may do their resident's hair. So no we do not run the beauty shop but we do help the beautician get all the residents who need or want their hair done down to the shop. We are a small facility (65 beds) and our beautician is only here 1 1/2 days. She is able to keep them looking good. They do love their time in the beauty shop, and this is a normalization activity for those ladies who are used to getting their hair done frequently.
  12. We have 65 beds. Currently about 8 are empty. I am the director and I work 40 hours a week. I have two assistants. One works only every other weekend, and the other works 5 days a week, including every other weekend. My assistants work from 8:30 - 4:30 with the exception of Thursday when the hours are 12:30 - 8:30. So during the week I have one day that I work without an assistant, and I cover the morning activities on Thursday, I don't work the weekends unless I need to cover for one of them.
  13. Hello all. My administrator would like me to begin a men's group for the men in our facility. I have tried this in the past with little success. At the present time I have a male assistant who will be leading the group, and I think this will be a plus. Does anyone have any good ideas for this group? Something that you have had success with in your facility. I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you.
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