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  1. I too am a new director of an alz unit. We also use life stations. What we are doing is do life stories of your residents find out what they had done in the past. I am doing a pastor station for a resident that just to be a pastor when in service. i am also in process of doing a train station for a resident that wants to take the train to London. I also have a baby station, Baseball station for a resident that use to party with babe ruth. I have many more but they are only good if that is what your resident is into. find that out.....hope this helps... write me and i can help......
  2. Thanks for the ideas I will try them and see how things go....we do not care plan as we are assisted living community... this is where and only where I miss care Planning... hee heee... I will however write progress note on these residents...thanks for the idea...I love the melon balls and the walking club... maybe they will do this....also I will try and put into place a welcome group with these residents.... funny that you said plants we had just got two big plants donated and we planted them the other day out front fot them to view and a few of my outside residents have been taking care of them as well as the other outdoor plants...they even told me so when I came in this morning... they we're very excited about this... we had also started a indoor garden in our activity room that residents have been keeping an eye on and letting the residents that had said it wouldn't work know how well it is going....Its becoming a little bit of a joke how they cut up about it to each other....an ideas about indoor gardening would be helpful as I do not want this to fall of to the side lines...that would give the doughters a reason to dought....thanks for everything....this sight has been very helpful...I have learned much.... but only just reply to this...thanks lulu
  3. I have been working as an Activity Director for over 13 years prior an assist for 2 years. I had always worked in long term care until about 5 months ago. I now work for an alf with only 45 residents we have room for 90 residents.so I have room to grow. I started at 180 beds than 120,140,90 and finally 60 prior to this job....I just did not like all the paper work and meetings sooo I worked my way down. I love alf because very little paper work or meetings and i really do get to play all day....but as we know its work....running from one activity to another. there are things I do miss in long term residents we're much easier to please.... I can do a really great activity so I think and still there are the residents that have something to say..and they say it aloud oh myyyyy hee hee. I think its a control issue for them. wanting to hang on to something. Don't get me wrong I love where I am and My ED and other higher staff are great when it comes to supporting my department...It's just different.....I have to be much more creative...but again that is something I love as we all do..... I am also in need of some ideas from those of you that have worked with assisted living...My ED would like to see some sort of program out in front of our community for a small group of residents that go out and relax from 1-2:00....thats the other thing in assisted theres no down time...relax are you kidding... and we have activity areas all over thats great but i am only one person... i have been all over looking for volunteers and have even gotten a few but not enough with gas prices and regs for them...so please help any ideas....thanks lulu
  4. my ed informed me today she would like to see me do something with my assisted residents that are going out front after lunch before the afternoon activities. i keep our residents pretty busy and some of them have been going out front sitting in rockers to relax. i do indoor programs at that time for other residents "nail time,pool games,card games"somedays it just seems like they want to not be bothered and sit with each other maybe for an hour 1:00-2:00...I almost feel bad that I have to go and start an activity during that time...I have ask them what they would like and of course you know the response No ideas....I then came up with trivia,jokes,stories and serve cold drinks.... any other ideas would be great....please help anything creative? thanks lulu
  5. hi bobby could you please send me a copy tooooooo. thank you so much.... :-P
  6. sunday- mothers day social/wine and cheesecake and fruit fam/res monday- flavored coffee donuts-wacky dress up day and volley ball game. residents against staff tuesday- fla coffee bagels,state rep visits. "photo opp in newspaper" resident for half a day,talent show wed=fla coffee muffins,movie star dressup contest,baby photo contest res/staff,scaveger hunt res/staff team up thursday= pancake breakfast staff/res,wheel chair race staff/res,keroke staff/res friday-fla coffee/baked cookies,crazy hat day,cookout staff/res/family through out the week tickets given out through out the week for job well done, hat day,movie star gifts to be given on fri for most tic. bul board in front lobby for res/staff/family " everyone is given stars to put on bul board "write good things about res/staff/vol and families" for all to see any other ideas? pls respond hope this helps :hammer: :hammer:
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