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  1. Hi Marie! I am the AD at a 120-bed home that is all Residents with dementia of some kind. We use the "Best Friend" approach and it has been very successful here. The name of the book if you can get it is "The Best Friends Book of Alzheimer's Activities" There is a volume one and volume 2. Good luck! Stacy The Fountainview Center Atlanta, Georgia
  2. I am a nail tech as well as an AD in the state of GA. The rule is that you can not provide nail care to anyone without a cosmetology/nail tech license from the state FOR MONEY. This means that you can carefully trim a residents fingernails as you will not be charging them for this service. I have trained my assistants on how to give a manicure safely and how to follow the sanitation rules which are extra important in our setting. Maybe ask your educator for an inservice from a professional nail tech on how to provide safe nailcare. Here, we let the nurses cut the diabetics fingernails and let the podiatrist take care of all the toes!
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