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  1. Monthly bake sales, cooking club incorporated into activity program. Many of my staff & nurses donate baked goods. Sales run from 10-12 depending on amount of food. Generally count on a $100-$200. Breakfast sandwiches are a big hit with res & staff. I have breakfast club with res & sell sandwiches to staff. Kitchen provides food items as requested. Eggs, english muffins, cheese I purchase croissants on occasion. We have done a Bingo fundraiser, sell cards for $1. and call 3-5 numbers daily until we have a winner. Prize is generally a donated gift basket, scratch tickets or DD gift card. I have items donated from Home Depot, woodworking kits, birdhouses in spring, & some are sold in lobby. Residents enjoy making chocolate pops for valentines day or Easter any holiday & they are also sold at front desk with receptionist. I have a minimal budget and am always looking for ways to suppliment. We do monthly newsletter and ask for donations of craft items, calendars, pictures, old games etc. anything that we may want that someone else may have. And of course at tiems if I really need something I go but it. Not how it should be ut that's reality. Occasionally I get reimbursed after several months.
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    pop quiz

    Can anyone help me with definitions/examples of: Reactive speech Automatic speech Stereotypic speech Responsive naming Propositional Nonpropositional Self cuing Auditory comprehension Coworker working toward Activity certification and this is part of a class assignment. Thanks
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    Mds Section T

    Thanks for the info. I am CTRS certified, which is why the question has come up. I guess the next step is to get on board with the medical director for some orders. Thanks again! :-)
  4. Is anyone familiar with documentaion for Section T on MDS - Recreation Therapy? It records # visits & # minutes (15 minute Blocks). If so, how does one start this process? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  5. ;-) Massachusetts The activities program shall be directed by a qualified professional who: (i) is a qualified therapeutic recreation specialist who is eligible for certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist by a recognized accrediting body
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