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  1. Monthly bake sales, cooking club incorporated into activity program. Many of my staff & nurses donate baked goods. Sales run from 10-12 depending on amount of food. Generally count on a $100-$200. Breakfast sandwiches are a big hit with res & staff. I have breakfast club with res & sell sandwiches to staff. Kitchen provides food items as requested. Eggs, english muffins, cheese I purchase croissants on occasion. We have done a Bingo fundraiser, sell cards for $1. and call 3-5 numbers daily until we have a winner. Prize is generally a donated gift basket, scratch tickets or DD gift
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    Can anyone help me with definitions/examples of: Reactive speech Automatic speech Stereotypic speech Responsive naming Propositional Nonpropositional Self cuing Auditory comprehension Coworker working toward Activity certification and this is part of a class assignment. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. I am CTRS certified, which is why the question has come up. I guess the next step is to get on board with the medical director for some orders. Thanks again! :-)
  4. Is anyone familiar with documentaion for Section T on MDS - Recreation Therapy? It records # visits & # minutes (15 minute Blocks). If so, how does one start this process? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  5. ;-) Massachusetts The activities program shall be directed by a qualified professional who: (i) is a qualified therapeutic recreation specialist who is eligible for certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist by a recognized accrediting body
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